Photocopy Service

The Photocopy facility in the library is extended through an external outfit, namely M/s Electra Photo Studio, who is permitted to operate from within the IIT Delhi, Central Library premises. The rates for photocopying and other services are as follows:

Service Details Rates (Rs.)

Photocopy (Black & White) 1.00

Print (Black & White) 1.00 ( Rs. 2 sanctioned )

Print (Color A4 size) 10.00

Print (Color A3 size) 20.00

Print (Color A1-A0 size) 0.40 per square inch

Binding ( Spiral) 20-30 depending upon thickness

Binding ( Spico) 30.00

Binding (Rexin with Gold print) 150.00

Binding (Soft with Transparency Sheet) 10.00

Scanning Black & White (A4-A3) 2.00

Scanning Color (A4-A3) 5.00

Scanning (A1-A0) 0.25 per square inch

Photo Print A4 (Passport Size (20 Photos) 10.00

Internet No Charges

Please contact M/s Electra Photo Studio at the following address for further details:

M/s Electra Photo Studio
C/o Central Library, 2nd Floor
IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas
New Delhi - 110 016
Ph.: 011-26581253; EPABX No.: 6111