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E-Books (WILEY InterScience)

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A Climate Modelling Primer 3rd Edition+CD, McGuffie
A First Course in Stochastic Models, Tijms
Applied Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Pashley
Applied Sonochemistry, Mason
Applied Surfactants: Principles and Applications, Tadros
Beyond Equilibrium Thermodynamics, Ottinger
Block Copolymers, Hadjichristidis
Characterization of Nanophase Materials, Wang
Chemical Engineering, Gal
Chemical Micro Process Engineering - Processing and Plants, Hessel
Chemically Reacting Flow, Kee
Colloids and Colloid Assemblies, Caruso
Colloids and Interfaces with Surfactants and Polymers An Introduction, Goodwin
Content Distribution Networks, Verma
Convexity and Optimization in Rn, Berkovitz
Design of Experiments in Chemical Engineering: A Practical Guide, Lazic
Developments in Block Copolymer Science and Technology, Hamley
DNA Chromatography, Gjerde
Earthquake Risk Reduction, Dowrick
Electroceramics, Moulson
Elements of Information Theory, Cover
Engineering and Scientific Computations Using MATLAB, Lyshevski
Environmental Statistics, Barnett
Functional Hybrid Materials, G?mez-Romero
Fundamentals of the Finite Element Method for Heat and Fluid Flow, Lewis
Genetically Engineered Food, Heller
Giant Molecules, Carraher
Handbook of Adhesion, Packham
Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology, Llewelyn
Handbook of Cognition and Emotion, Dalgleish

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