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Central Library, IIT Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016
Phone: +91 11 26591451
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Text Book , Book Bank & Theses Section

The Section containing Text Books, Book Bank and Ph. D. Theses is located at Ground Floor of the Central Library. Apart printed versions of the documents, this section also makes available e-text books which are unique in their nature and widely used with perpetual access. The e-text books are accessible to the campus users round the clock. The Text Book & Book Bank section is the back bone of the Central Library as it caters to the course needs of the students and therefore the documents from this section are in high demand throughout the year. A portion inside the section is available for serious reading which is perhaps the most comfortable reading area in the whole library.

Outer view of the Text Book and Book Bank Section
Text Books:

Text books are most reliable source of information to the Faculty and the Students of IIT Delhi especially for course/syllabus related reading.The section has approximately 8,500 syllabus related text books. The books for this section are purchased generally on the recommendation from different faculty members through the concerned Head of the Department. The timings for issuing the books from the Text Book Section are from 2 PM to 5 PM during Monday to Friday and the same are issued for overnight only (for one day). The books of this section may be returned back during 9 AM to 1 PM only. A total no. 2 of books are issued from the section at a time. The e-text books are round the clock available to the campus users on LAN from http://library.iitd.ac.in/e-textbook.php

All the documents/books/theses, etc. of the library are searchable through the Library's On-line Public Access Catalog. If you want to locate any book from the section through Author, Title, Subject, Keyword, etc, just visit the OPAC of the library from the Central Library website (http://library.iitd.ac.in) or from the following Links and note down the Call No. of the Book/Document. Show the Call No. to any of the Library staff member if you are not able to locate the document on your own. All the documents of the section have been arranged subject-wise (on the basis of Call No.) WebOPAC

View of the Stack Area of Text Book and Book Bank Section
Important Information:

  • General Opening Hours of the Section:
             9:00 AM to 9:00 PM for Reading during Monday to Friday
             10:00 AM to 6:30 PM for Reading during Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
  • Extended Hours:
             Round the Clock during Major and Minor Exams
  • Book Issue Hours:
             2 PM to 5 PM
  • Book Return Hours:
             9 AM to 1 PM
  • Text Books to be issued for overnight only.
  • Late fines at the rate of 0.50 paisa per hour or Rs.12 per day.
  • In some of the books "Not to be issued" is written those books cannot be issued, it can be used for reading purpose only.
  • Remember-Books from this section may be taken outside of the section area for reading and photocopying purpose only and for thatstudents have to submit their ID cards with the book card available from inside the book.
  • In case of any type of fine, the same is to be deposited in the Canara Bank and the receipt is to be produced in the section for settlement.
  • Remember - Your ID is essentially required for all Checkouts. We cannot make exceptions for Checkouts.

Book Bank:

Book Bank is housed in the Text Book section of the Central Library at the Ground Floor. Book Bank is a very good service which offers upto 6 books issued to every student for the whole semester on a very nominal rental amount and on first-cum-first serve basis on notified dates only. It has a syllabus related dedicated collection of about 6,000 books which is regularly updated. The service is available for undergraduate students only. The books from the section are in high demand as they cover the syllabus of the students.

Important Information:

  • The Book Bank is for use by undergraduate students only.Book bank facility has been mainly designed for scheduled Caste /Scheduled Tribe students and also available for OBC, MCM and General students on First-cum-First Serve basis.
  • Students may apply for books from the Book Bank collection as per the schedule announced by the Library after that no latecomers are allowed issue of the books from the section.
  • Students have to bring their ID cards for Book Bank facility.
  • Up to 6 books can be reserved and issued per semester by the undergraduate students.
  • Books in Book Bank can be returned on or before the due date but another book cannot be issued in place of that.
  • Late fine at the rate of Rs. 1/- perday.

Things to note...

  • The Section is equipped with the RFID Station and you need bring your Smart Card for Self Issue of the Books from this Section
  • Writing and highlighting in books is not allowed.
  • In case of loss, the cost of the book in foreign currency is to be charged at the current conversion rate of the currency.
  • Lost book should be replaced by a new book of the same title with the latest edition and overdue charges for each book and with the processing charges of Rs. 100/- per book.

Ph.D. Thesis:

The Theses Section is housed in the same area in which the Text Book & Book Section is located at the Ground Floor. Central Library receives copies of all the Ph.D. theses awarded at IIT Delhi and they are housed in thissection. There are about 5,300 Ph.D. Theses currently available in the section.The Database of the Ph.D. theses is accessible through the WebOPAC by Title, Author, Supervisor, Department, Year, etc. and also through another interface specially prepared for searching the theses at: http://library.iitd.ac.in/thesis/ The WebOPAC based interface of the theses database also makes available the abstracts of the theses on-line (title to content pages) from anywhere in the world. The theses in the stacks have been arranged according to the years and you need to note the details from the WebOPAC for locating the theses. The copies of the Ph.D. these are also available in the respective departments.

View of the Stack Area,housing the Ph.D. Theses

Remember - These are available for consultation only. Their photocopying or taking outside the section is not allowed.

View of the Reading Room inside the Text Book, Book Bank and Theses Section

( You may like to contact for any assistance from the section at - 2659-6654 or 2659-1496 or vanita@library.iitd.ac.in)

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