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An Introduction to Chemical Kinetics Wright, Margaret Robson. Wiley 2004
An Introduction to Computational Biochemistry Tsai, C.Stan Wiley 2003
Applied Linear Regression. Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics Weisberg, S. Wiley 2005
Computer architecture Patterson hennessy Elsevier 2006
Computer Architecture: Pipelined and Parallel Processor Design Flynn, Michael J. Jones & Bartlett 1995
Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Patterson, David A.; Hennessy, John L. Elsevier Science & Technology 2005
Detection ,Estimation & Modulation Theory Part -1 Tree s, HL Van Wiley 2001
Digital Logic Design Holdsworth, Brian; Woods, Clive Elsevier Science & Technology 2002
Electromagnetic Field Theory Fundamentals Guru, Bhag Singh; Hiziroglu, Huseyin R. Cambridge University Press 2004
Engineering Hydrology Subramanya, K. Tata McGraw Hill 2008
Essential Mathematical Methods for Physicists Weber, Hans J.; Arfken, George Elsevier Science & Technology 2003
Finite Element Method in Engineering Rao, S.S. Elsevier Science & Technology 2005
Information Theory, Coding and Cryptography Bose Ranjan Tata McGraw Hill India 2008
Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology Holton, James R. Elsevier Science and Technology 2004
Introduction to Operations Research (SIE) Frederick S Hillier Tata McGraw Hill India 2007
Introduction to Probability Models Ross, Sheldon M. Elsevier Science & Technology 2007
Introductory Nuclear Physics Wong, Samuel S. Wiley VCH 2004
Managerial Economics: Theory and Practice Webster, Thomas J. Elsevier Science and Technology 2003
March's Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms, and Smith, Michael B.; March, Jerry Wiley 2007
Materials Science of Thin Films Ohring, Milton Elsevier Science & Technology 2002

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