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Journals Department/Centres Wise

New Journals Added to the Central Library


  Deptts/Centres   Name of journals                                     
AM(J)      Acta  Materialia(O)(A-105)(F19/2)(Formerly: Acta Metallurgica et Mate
  "        AIAA Journal(O)(A-3)(D53/5)
  "        Annual Reviews of Fluids Mechanics(O)(A-179) (D6/73)
  "        Bulk Solids Handling(P)(B-91)(C21/19)
  "        Cold Regions Science and TechnologyO)(C-106)(F/66)
  "        COMPOSITES- Pt.A (Applied Science and Manufacturing)(O)(C-53)(D/55)
  "        Computational Mechanics(O)(C-143) [B7/21]
  "        Engineering Fracture Mechanics(O)(E-63)(D:1/9)
  "        Experimental Mechanics (O)(E-55)(D:1/2)
  "        Experimental Techniques(O)(E-77)(D:1/13)
  "        International Journal of Computers and Structures(O)(I-169)(MB1/23)
  "        International Journal of Engineering Science(O)(I-170)(D/45)
  "        International Journal of Fatigue:Materials,Structures and Components(
  "        International Journal of Impact Engineering(O)(I-241)(D:1/15)
  "        International Journal of Multiphase Flow(O)(I-174) (B7/18)
  "        International Materials Reviews(P+O)(I-258)(F191/2)
           Journal of Aeronautical Society of India (J-193) (D53/11)
  "        Journal of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies (P)(J-193) (D53/11)
  "        Journal of Composite Materials(O) (J-54) (D/51)
  "        Journal of Fluid Mechanics(O)(J-72)(B7/2)
  "        Journal of Ship Research(P)(J-160)(D42/16)
  "        Journal of Ship Technology (P)(J-312)(D42/22)
  "        Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design(P+O)(J-169)(D/26)
  "        Journal of Turbulence(O)(J-314)
  "        Marine Technology(D42/15)(From 2008 on ABI/INFORM)
  "        Materials Science and Technology (P+O)(M-44) (D/63)
  "        Materials Transactions JIM (O)(M-23) (F19/42)
  "        Mechanics of Materials(O)(M-95)(D:1/17)
AM(J)      Mechanics Research Communications(O)(M-96)(C21/18)
  "        Metallurgical and Materials Transactions Pt. A (O)(M-46) [F19/37]
  "        Nature Materials (N-21) (O)
  "        Naval Architect(P)(N-4)(D42/9)
  "        Physics of Fluids(O)(P-33) (B7/5)
  "        Proceedings of Royal Society B (Biological Sciences)(P-172) (G/14)
  "        Scripta Materialia(O)(S-18)(F19/40)(Formerly: Scripta Metallurgica et
  "        Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers(Trans.)(P)(A-74)(D42
  "        Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics (O)(T-58) [B7/22]

CARE(J) AEU: Intern.Journal of Electronics and Communications(A-88)( D65/159) " Electrical India (D66/11) " Information Technology (P)(I-342)(MB1/203) " Journal of Acoustical Society of America (C3/2) " Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision (O)(J-202) (MB1/128) " Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering(O)(P-162)(D65/218) " Sensor Letters (P) (S-91) (D65/219) " Signal Processing(O)(S-80)(D65/158) " Solid State Communications(O)(S-74)(C21/13) " Solid-State Electronics(O)(S-75)(D65/104) TOP
CAS(J) Atmospheric Environment(O)(A-108)(D8/2) " Down to Earth (P)(D-35)(D:G/45) " Indian Journal of Marine Sciences(P)(I-229)( G/24) " Journal of Air and Waste Management Association (P) (J-8) (D8/30) " Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology.(O)(J-23)(U28/4) " Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology(O)(J-293)(H8/1A) " Journal of Atmospheric Sciences(O)(J-29)(H8/1) " Journal of Climate(O)(J-266)[U28/10] " Journal of Earth System Sciences (O) (J-305) (H/13) (Formly. Procs. I " Journal of Environmental Science & Engg(P)(I-79)(D8/4)(Formerly:India " Journal of Hydrometeorology(O)(J-308)(U28/13) " Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan (P)(J-119) (U28/5) " Journal of Physical Oceanography(O)(J-214)(U25/5) " MAUSAM (P) (M-118) (U28/11) " Monthly Weather Review(O)(M-63)(U28/6) " Quarterly Journal of Royal " Weather and Forecasting(O)(W-30)(U28/12) TOP
CBME(J) Annals of Biomedical Engineering(O)(A-129)(D:G/18) " Journal of Biomechanics(O)(J-186)(D:G/7) " Journal of Biomedical Materials Research- Pt.B: Applied Biomat.(O) (J " Journal of Biomedical Materials Research- Pt. A (O)(J-34) (D:G/1) " Journal of Clinical Engineering (J-208) (D:G/17) " Medical and Biological Engg.and Computing (O)(M-38)(D:G/3)(Formerly M TOP
CE(J) ACI Materials Journal (P) (J-12) (D3/10) " ACI Structural Journal (P) (J-254) (D3/10) " Advances in Water Resources(O)(A-102)(D2/26) " Agricultural Water Management (O) (A-118) (D2/29) " Asian Journal of Geoinformatics(P)(A-184)(H3/12) " Canadian Geotechnical Journal(O)(C-4) (H3/2) " Cement and Concrete Research(P+O)(C-89)(D1/1) " Computers and Geotechnics(O)(C-133)(MB1/82) " Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration (E-104) " Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics(O)(E-2)(H4/5) " Engineering Geology(O)(E-37)(H/1) " Engineering Structures(O)(E-71)(D1/52) " Environmental Conservation(O)(E-102)(D:G/39) CE(J) Geotechnical Engineering(P)(G-13) (H3/7) " GEOTECHNIQUE (P)(G-5) (H3/1) " Ground Engineering(P)(G-26) (D1/53) " Ground Water(O)(G-17) (D2/27) " Hydrological Sciences Journal (P)(H-34) (D2/22) " Indian Concrete Journal (P)(I-69) (D3/7) " Indian Geotechnical Journal(P)(I-328)(H3/3) " Indian Highways (P)(I-74) (D41/9) " International Journal of Project Management(O)(I-270)(D2/24) " International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences(O)(I-176) " International Journal of Water Resource Development(O)(I-237)(D2/23) " Journal of Advanced Transportation(O)(J-302)(D5/10) " Journal of American Water Works Association(P)(J-16)(D85/2) " Journal of Construction Management(P)(J-269) [X:8/106] " Journal of Geological Society of India (P)(J-79) (H/10) " Journal of Geomatics (P) (D1/65) " Journal of Geophysical Research-Space Physics(O)(J-81)(H8/3A) " Journal of Hydroscience & Hydraulic Engineering (P) (J-309) (D1/66) " Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing(P)(I-341)(D65/220) " Journal of Indian Water Works Association (P)(J-232) (D85/11) " Journal of Intellectual Property Rights(P)(J-296)(Z/2) " Journal of Mechanics of Materials and Structure(P)(J-314) " Journal of Porous Media (P) (J-311)(D/88) " Magazine of Concrete Research(O) (M-8) (D3/12) " Particulate Science and Technology:An Intern. Journal(O)(P-171)(E:2/4 " PE&RS : Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing(P)(P-16) (M95/4) " Proceedings of I C E. Backfiles (one time payment) " Proceedings of I C E . (Full Package) " Proceedings of I C E Pt 11: Ground Improvement (G-30)(P+O) (D1/67) " Proceedings of I C E. Pt.2 : Geotechnical Engineering(P+O)(P-106)(H3 " Proceedings of I C E. Pt.3 : Municipal Engineer(P+O)(P-101)(D8/25) " Proceedings of I C E. Pt.4 : Structures and Buildings(P+O)(P-102)(D1 " Proceedings of I C E. Pt.5 : Transport(P+O)(P-103)(D4/2) " Proceedings of I C E. Pt.6 : Maritime Engineering(P+O)(P-104B) (D42/ " Proceedings of I C E. Pt.6 : Water Management(P+O)(P-104A) (D42/19) " Proceedings of I C E. Pt.8 : Engineering Sustainability(P+O)(P-169) " Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (O)(R-17) [H/9] " Soils and Foundations (P)(S-36)(D1/32) " Structural Design of Tall & Special Buildings(O)(S-85)(D1/56) " Structural Engineering International (P) (S-92) (D1/51) " Thin-Walled Structures(O)(T-88)(D341/1) " Transportation Professional (T-102) (D41/4) Incorporating Highways " Transportation Science(O)(T-45) (D5/6) " Waste Management and Research(O)(W-32)(D8/29) " Waste Management (Formerlly: Solid Waste Management) (D8/12) " Water Resources Research(O)(W-7) (D2/17) " Water & Wastes Digest (P)D2/32 " Wind and Structures(P)(W-32)(D1/64) TOP
CES(J) Applied Energy(O)(A-77)(C5/20) " Asian Journal of Chemistry (P)(A-183)(E/48) " Astronomy and Astrophysics(O)(A-185) " Combustion and Flame(O)(C-40)(D641/3) " Electric Power Systems Research(O)(E-68)[D66/60] " ENERGY(O)(E-91)[C5/24] " Energy Policy(O)(E-103)(C84/5) " International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems(O)(I-186 CES(J) International Journal of Power & Energy Systems(O)(I-276) [C84/1] " International Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry (P) ( I-347) (E/4 " Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management (P) (J-313) (D8/31) " Laser and Particle Beams (New) (Online) " Plasma Sources Science & Technology(O)(P-162) [F527/1] " Reviews of Geophysics(O)(H8/4) " Solar Energy(O)(S-141)(C5/11) TOP
CET(J) British Journal of Educational Technology(O)(B-94)(T/46) " Computer Applications in Engineering Education(O)(C-101) (MB1/143) " Digital Creativity(O)(D-26)(MB1/166) " Educational Media International(O)(E-94)(T/42) " Educational Technology Abstracts(O)(E-95)(ABS T/1) " Educational Technology (P) (E-12) [T/23] " Innovations in Education and Teaching International(O)(I-308)(T/49) " Interactive Learning Environments(O) (I-307) (T/51) " International Journal of Engineering Education(P+O)(I-309)(D/79) " Journal of Computer Assisted Learning(O)(J-265)(T/43) " Journal of Computing in Teacher Education (P)(J-295) [T/53] " Journal of Educational Computing Research (P)(J-260)(T/41) " Journal of Instruction Delivery Systems (O)(J-289)(MB1/171) TOP
CHE(J) Adsorption Science & Technology(O)(A-164)(F/73) " AIChE Environmental Progress (O)(E-78) (D8/22) " AIChE Journal(O)(F/1) " Angewandte Chemie International(O)(A-64) (F/2) " Biochemical Engineering Journal(O)(B-18)(F/46A) " Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering(O)(C-5)(F/4) " Chemical Communication(P+O)(J-41)(E/6) Formerly: Journal of Chemical " Chemical Engineering and Technology(O) (C-144) (F/58) " Chemical Engineering Education(P)(C-20) (F/49) " Chemical Engineering Journal(O)(C-21)(F/46) " Chemical Engineering(P+O) (C-18)(F/8) " Chemical Engineering Progress(O)(F/10)((From 2008 on ABI/INFORM) " Chemical Engineering Research and Design-Pt.-A:Trans.of IChemE(P).(T- " Chemical Engineering Science (O)(C-91)(F/11) " Chemical Engineering World(P)(C-22)(F/48) " Chemical Industry News (C-24) (F/54) (now known as Chemical News) " Chemical News(P) (F/54) (Formerly Chemical Industry News) " Chemical Reviews (P+O)(C-26)(E/7) " Chemical Society Reviews(P+O)(C-27)(E/39) " Dalton Transactions(P+O)(J-42)(E1/9)( Formerly: Jl. of Chemical Soc.) " Drying Technology(O) (D-9) (E:2/41) " Environmental Science and Technology(P+O)(E-35)(D:G/11) " FUEL (O)(F-12)(F55/2) " Hydrocarbon Processing(P)(H-18) (F55/4) " Indian Chemical Engineer (P)(I-68) (F/22) " Indian Journal of Chemical Technology(P)(I-89)(D/16) " Indian Journal of Environmental Protection (P)(I-216) (D8/21) " Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research (P+O)(I-53) (E:2/37) " International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering(O)(I-346) " International Journal of Powder Metallurgy(P)(I-305) (F/71) " Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan (P)(J-39) (F/41) " Journal of Chemical Physics(O)(J-40)(E:2/9) CHE(J) Journal of Surface Science and Technology(P)(J-198)(E:2/38) " Particle & Particle Systems Characterization ( Formerly: Particle Sci " Polymer Contents(O)(P-118)(E98/31) " Process Safety Progress(O)(P-115) (X:89X/1) " Reviews in Chemical Engineering (P) (F/74) " Separation Science and Technology (O)(S-135) (F/64) " Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange(O) (S-42) (E:3/15) TOP
CHY(J) Accounts of Chemical Research (P+O)(A-23) (E/28) " ACS Archives " Analytical Chemistry (P+O)(A-63) (E:3/5) " Applied Biochemistry & Biotechnology Pt.A: Enzyme Engg...(O)(A-136)(E " Bioconjugate Chemistry (P+O)(B-102)(D:G/44) " Biomacromolecules(P+O)(B-101)(E5/18) " Biotechnology Progress(O)(B-85) (D:G/31) " Catalysis Reviews : Science and Engineering(O)(C-121)(E:2/39) " Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN)(P+O)(C-90) (F/9) " Chemistry of Materials(P+O)(C-105) (F/67) " Coordination Chemistry Reviews(P+O)(C-75)(E/9) " Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics(P)(I-76)(E9G/8) " Indian Journal of Chemistry.Sec.-A(P)(I-77)(E/12) " Indian Journal of Chemistry.Sec.-B.(P)(I-78) (E/12) " Inorganic Chemistry (P+O)(I-114)(E1/1) " Journal of American Chemical Society (P+O)(J-11)(E/13) " Journal of Biological Chemistry(O)(J-33)(E9G/10) " Journal of Chemical Society: Perkin Trans.- Pt.2 (J-46) (E:2/24) " Journal of Chemical Society: Perkin Trans.- Pt.1 (J-45) (E5/10) " Journal of ChemicalEducation (P)(J-38) (E/14) " Journal of Organic Chemistry (P+O)(J-130) (E5/5) " Journal of Physical Chemistry Pt.-A (P+O)(J-134) (E:2/13) " Journal of Physical Chemistry Pt.-B & C(P+O)(J-134) (E:2/13) " Journal of Proteome Research(P+O)(J-224)(E9G/28) " LANGMUIR (P+O)(L-23) (E:2/42) " MACROMOLECULES (P+O)(M-100) (E5/17) " Molecular Biotechnology (O)( A-136)(Applied Biochemistry&Biotechnolog TOP
CH(J) Nature Chemical Biology (N-21)(O) " Nature Physics (N-21) (O) " Organic Letters (P+O)(O-31)(E5/21) " Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry(P+O)(O-28)(E5/10)(Merging J. Of Chem " ORGANOMATALLICS (P+O)(O-22) (E5/6A) " Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics(P+O)(P-158)(E:2/26)(Jl. of Chem. " Protein Expression & Purification(O)(P-167)(E9G/30) " Proteins: Structure,Function and Bioinformatics(O) (P-105) [E92Z2/1] " SYNLETT(O) (S-93)(E5/20) " TALANTA (P+O)(T-51)(E5/7) " Tetrahedron : Asymmetry(P+O)(T-10)(E5/9A) " Tetrahedron Letters(P+O)(T-53)(E5/9) TOP
CL(J) Collnet Journal of scie Journal of Information Management and Sciento " Current Science(P)(C-83) (A/4) " Fluid Abstracts : Process Engineering(P+O)(F-16)(ABS D6/1) " ILA Bulletin (P)(I-192) " Indian Science Abstracts (I-97)(ABS A/2) " Information Outlook(P)(I-327)(LIB/2) " Information Technology & Libraries(LIB/28)((From 2008 on ABI/INFORM) " Journal of American Society for Information Science and Technology(O) " Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research(P)(J-159)[A/16] " Library Resources & Technical Services(P) (L-7)(LIB/4) " New Scientist(P) (N-24) (A/22) " Operations Research / Management Science(P) (O-5)(ABS X;8/33) " Science Reporter (P)(S-13)(A/34) CL(J) SCIENCE(S-11) (A/31) " Scientific American(P) (S-15) (A/36) TOP
CPSE(J) Computer Theory Polymer Science(P-41)(E98/12A) " Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences(P)(I-295)[D/70] " Journal of Applied Polymer Science(O)(J-26)(E98/4) " Journal of Polymer Materials (P)(J-234)(E98/29) " POLYMER (O)(P-41)(E98/12) " Polymer-Plastics Technology & Engineering(O) (P-43) (E98/18) TOP
CRDT(J) Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment(.O)(A-134)(J/4) " Appropriate Technology (P) (A-85) (A/46) " Bioresource Technology(O)(B-74)(E9G/20) " Flavour and Fragrance journal (O) " Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (P+O)(FJ3/9) " Journal of Materials Research (P+O) (D/90) " Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture (O)(FJ3/8) " YOJNA (P) (Y-1) (Y/69) Journal of Bamboo and Rattan (P)(New)(J748/1) TOP
CSE(J) Acta Informatica(P+O)(A-28)(MB1/67) " ALGORITHMICA (O) (A-9) [MB1/120] " Artificial Intelligence(O)(A-125)(MB1/77) " BIT(P+O)(B-3)(B/75) " COMBINATORICA(O)(C-100)(B/83) " Computational Linguistics (O)(C-102) (MB1/138) " Computer Networks(O)(C-65)(MB1/55) " Computer Vision and Image Understanding(O)(C-99)(MB1/52) " Computers and Security(O)(C-137) (MB1/103) " Discrete and Computational Geometry (O)(D-8) (B6/1) " Foundations and Trends in Electronic Design Automation (Online) " Graphical Models(O)(G-27)(MB1/52A)Formerly:Graphical Models and Image " Information Processing Letters(O)(I-109)(MB1/60) " International Journal of Computer Vision (O)(I-206) (MB1/140) " IT Architect (N-28)(MB1/69) Formerly: Network Magazine, Formerly- Dat " Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series-B(O)(J-53)(B28/10) " Journal of Computer and System Sciences(O)(J-55)(MB1/10) " Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing(O)(J-149)(MB1/123) " Journal of Systems and Software(O)(J-212)(MB1/93) " Machine Learning (O)(M-43) (MB1/131) " Mathematical Structures in Computer Science(O)(M-121)(MB1/201) " Pattern Recognition(O)(P-119)(MB1/78) " Performance Evaluation(O)(P-108)(MB1/79) " Real-Time System (O)(R-3) (MB1/129) " Science of Computer Programming(O)(S-99)(MB1/83) " Siam Journal on Computing(O)(S-3)(MB1/56) " SOFTWARE: Practice and Experience(O) (S-35) ( MB1/8) " Theoretical Computer ScienceO)(T-20)(MB1/40) TOP
DBEB(J) Analytical Biochemistry(O)(A-154)(E9G/1) " Applied and Environmental Microbiology(O)(A-76) (FJ3/1) " Biocatalysis and Biotransformation(O)(B-1)(E9G/26) " Biosciences, Biotechnology & Biochemistry(P) (B-16) (E9G/13) " Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry(P)(B-100)(D:G/43) " Biotechnology and Bioengineering(O)(B-23)(D:G/4) " Biotechnology Letters (O))(B-53)(D:G/40) " Canadian Journal of Microbiology(O)(C-8) (FJ3/11) " Journal of American Oil Chemists Society (O)(J-13)(F94/1) " Journal of Bacteriology (O)(J-31) (G/17) " Nature Biotechnology(O)(N-21) (D:G/42) DBEB(J) Process Biochemistry(P+O)(P-157)(E9G/12) " Trends in Biochemical Sciences(O)(T-60) (E9G/25) " Trends in Biotechnology (O)(T-65)(D:G/41) TOP
DMS(J) Academy of Management Journal(X:8/43)((From 2008 on EBSCO) " Academy of Management Review(X:8/44)((From 2008 on EBSCO) " Accounting and Business Research (P) (A-139)(X:8F/4) " American Philosophical Quarterly (P) (A-114) (R/11) " Business India (P)(B-97) (X:8/104) " Business World(P) (B-98)(X:8/101) " California Management Review(X:8/62)((From 2008 on EBSCO) " Decision Sciences(O)(D-36)(X:8/109) " Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice(O)(E-106)(E:8/107) " European Intellectual Property Review(P)(E-107)(Z/3) " Financial Management(O)(F-32) (X:8D/2) " Foreign Trade Review (P)(F-29)(X5/3) " Group and Organizational Management(O)(G-25)(S8/12) " Harvard Business Review(X:8/5)((From 2008 on EBSCO) " Human Resource Management(O)(H-17) (M2/2) " Indian Journal of Industrial Relations(P) (I-80) (X:9/1) " Indian Management (P)(I-93)(X;8/56) " Industrial Economist (P)(I-292)(X:9/13) " Industrial Relations(O)(I-106) (X:9/10) " Information Systems Research (O)(I-242) (MB1/148) " Intelltectual Property Quarterly(P)(I-343)(Z/4) " International Journal of Management and systems(P) (I-285) (X:8/88) " Journal of Development Entrepreneurship (O) (J-304) (X:8/110) " Journal of Economics and Management Strategy(O)(J-306)(X:8/108) " Journal of Entrepreneurship(O)(J-27) (X:8/93) " Journal of Management(O)(J-251)(X:8/100) " Journal of Marketing Research(X:8/46A)((From 2008 on EBSCO) " Journal of Marketing(X:8/46)((From 2008 on EBSCO) " Journal of World Business(O)(J-292)(X:8/60) " Journal of World Intellectual Property(O)(J-315) (Z/3) " Management International Review(X:8/38)((From 2008 on ABI/INFORM) " Management Science(X:8/16)((From 2008 on EBSCO) " Managing Global Transitions,International Research Journal(P+O) (M-12 " MIS Quarterly(X:8/89)((From 2008 on EBSCO) " MIT Sloan Management Review(X:8/63)((From 2008 on ABI/INFORM) " Monthly Commentary on Indian Economic Conditions(P)(M-113) (X/18) " Organizational Dynamics (O-25)(X:8/94) " People Management(X:8/52)((From 2008 on EBSCO) " Public Administration(O)(P-82) (X:8/30) " System Dynamics Review(O)(S-137) (X:8/92) " System Research & Behavioral Science(O) (S-32) (D/71) " T+D (Training + Development) (P)(T-27) (T/33) " VIKALPA: Journal for Decision Makers(P)(V-1)(X:8/58) TOP
EE(J) AUTOMATICA(O)(A-109)(D6/2) " Circuits Systems and Signal Processing(O)(C-117)(D65/165) " Designs,Codes and Cryptography (O)(D-19) [B/81] " Discrete Events Dynamic Systems (O)(D-23) (MB1/132) " Electric Power Components and Systems(O)(E-14) (D65/154) " Electronic Design(D65/10)((From 2008 on ABI/INFORM) " Electronics World (P)(E-100)(D65/111) Formerly:Electronics and Wirele " Information and Computation(Formarly:Information & Control)(O)(I-110) " Integration: VLSI Journal(O)(V-8)(D65/185) " International Journal of Circuit,Theory and Applications(O)(I-130) (D EE(J) International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education(P)(I-134)(D " Journal of Franklin Institute(O)(J-190)(A/13) " Neural Networks(O)(N-8)(MB1/130) " Optimal Control Application and Methods(O)(O-20) (D66/71) " Radio Science (O)(R-5)(D65/103)(Formerly:Jl.of Res.:Radio Propogation " Siam Journal on Control and Optimization(O)(S-4)(D66/44) " Speech Communication(O)(S-112)(D65/191) " Systems and Control Letters O)(S-100)(MB1/184) " Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing(O)(W-22) [MB1/180] TOP
HSS(J) Alberta Journal of Educational Research(P)(A-40) [T/22] " American Anthropoligist(O)(A-14)(Y7/5) " American Economic Review (O)(A-47)(X/1) " American Ethnologist(O)(A-35) (Y7/8) " American Journal of Sociology(O)(A-52)(Y/3) " American Sociological Review(O)(A-57)(Y/4) " Annals of Improbable Research(P)(A-107) [Y:7/1] " Anthropological Theory (O)(A-180)(Y7/12) " Anthropology Today(O)(J-227)(Y7/11) " Applied Linguistics (A-181) (P/23) " Arbitration Law Reporter(P) (A-172) (Z/1) " Archives European Journal of Sociology (O)(A-89)(Y/40) " BIBLIO(P)(B-104) (unbound) " Book Review(P)(B-105)( unbound) " British Journal of Aesthetics (B-27) (R5/1) " British Journal of Educational Studies(O)(B-29)(T/1) " British Journal of Politics and International Relations(O)9P-39)(W/34 " British Journal of Sociology(O)(B-30)(Y/7) " Canadian Journal of Philosophy (P)(C-97)(R/13) " CHANDRABHAGA (P)(C-158) " College English(P)(C-39) (O/15) " Common Knowledge(R/20)((From 2008 on PROJECT MUSE) " Community Development Journal (C-28) (Y/64) " Comparative Studies in Society and History(O)(C-52)(Y/9) " Continental Philosophy Review (O)(C-153) (R/17) " Contribution to Indian Sociology(O)(C-108) (Y/51) " Critical Inquiry (O) (C-77)(O/19) " Cultural Critique(NA/16)((From 2008 on PROJECT MUSE) " Cultural Studies Critical Methodologies.(O)(C-157)(Y:1/1) " Cultural Studies(O)(C-66)(Y/54) " Culture and Psychology(O)(C-136)(S/34) " Current Anthropology(O) (C-151)(Y/59) " DAEDALUS (O)(D-17)(A/5) " Development and Change(O)(D-37)(Y/70) " DIACRITICS(O/27)((From 2008 on PROJECT MUSE) " E L H : English Literary History(O/26)((From 2008 on PROJECT MUSE) " ECONOMETRICA (O)(E-4) (X/25) " Economic and Political Weekly (P)(E-5)(SZ/2) " Economic Development and Cultural Change(O)(E-7) (X/8) " Economic Intelligence Service (O)(E-73)(X/62) " ECONOMICA (O)(E-6) [X/7] " ECONOMIST (P)(E-22)(X/11) " Educational & Psychological Measurement(O)(E-10)(S/4) " Educational Research(O)(E-56)(T/5) " Feminist Theory(O)(F-34) 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