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The IIT Delhi Library System comprises of a Central Library and 18 departmental libraries collectively supporting the teaching, research and extension programmes of the Institute. The Central Library houses a large collection of documents comprising of books, theses, journals, compact discs, etc. in the field of engineering, science & technology, humanities, social sciences, and management. All in-house operations in the library are fully computerized using the LibSys 7 library management software that also provides web-based access to the catalog of Library. It has a RFID based automated library system and a wide variety of printed and electronic collections catering to the needs of all the stakeholders. The library is the early adapter of new and emerging technologies and services. It works on the vision to satisfy the requirements of the users using its collection and innovative services and become one of the leading libraries in the country in the field of resources, services, and technology. The Library has also served as the Headquarters to the INDEST-AICTE Consortium, one of the earliest and most successful consortia initiatives so far taken in India.

Central Library at IIT Delhi