The Collection Development Division (CDD) is responsible for identify, acquisition, processing, organizing & providing access to high quality scholarly resources that meet the scientific and technical education and research needs of the IIT Delhi fraternity. The CDD involves evaluating the strengths and weakness of the current collections, assessing the needs of the institute communities and continues effort to finding the most effective interdisciplinary collections to the schools, centres, and departments of institute. The division is also responsible for maintaining the fiscal records of allocation of library funds for the departments/centres/ schools. The selection of collection and processing are done according to the collection development policy of the Central Library, and it is fully automatized using Koha open sources software a state-of-the-art integrated library management system. 
The CDD is charged with the responsible of developing the following different collections of the Central Library and Departmental Libraries of the institute. 
•    General Collection (GS)
•    Reference Collection (RL)
•    Textbooks (TB)
•    Book Bank Collection (BB)
•    Hindi Collection
•    Conference Proceedings (CD)
•    Theses (TH)
The CDD performs a central role in the delivery of basic library services as collection development and are constantly in the process of increasing the collection of books on Science, Engineering, Technology, Management and Humanities & Social Sciences discipline. 
The IIT Delhi Library System comprises of a Central Library and about 36 department/ school/ centre libraries collectively supporting the teaching, research, and extension programmes of the Institute. The CDD procure the Books, process, and send to the Departmental Library, if these are recommended for the Departmental Library.


To assist the institute through the providing of quality scholarly resources to enable it to contribute to India and the World through excellence in scientific and technical education and research. 


To acquires and makes accessible of all types of information resources that are necessary to advance institute’s scholarship and research.

For any query (ies)/suggestion, please contact:

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Choursia

Deputy Librarian
In-charge: Collection Development Division (CDD)
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016
Tel: +91-11-26596622 (O)