Layout Floor Plan

The Central Library was initially setup in August 1961 in a hall in the North East of the Textile Block of the Institute. It moved to the main building of the Institute in 1968 and to its existing premises in 1988. The Central library is located in a separate building adjacent to the main building of the Institute on its west side. The Library is spread over three floors with the total covered area of 60,000 sq. ft. (approx.) and is centrally air-conditioned. The Library has its entrance from the first floor and is connected to the main building through a bridge.Proper signages are displayed prominently at different places. The floor-wise distribution of services and resources of the Library is as follows:

The ground floor houses the following important sections and facilities:

 Text Book & Book Bank Sections:The Library maintains a separate collection of textbooks that are recommended by the departments/centres for different courses offered at IIT Delhi. Textbooks can be consulted within the Library premises on deposition of Identity Card. Text books can also be issued for 3 days, failing which an overdue charge of Rs.6.00 per day per volume is charged. The Book Bank is also housed in the Text Book Section of the Central Library. The Book Bank holds multiple copies of selected textbooks for making them available to the students for the entire duration of a semester. The section also houses Ph.D. theses. Inside Textbook section there is an reading area for consultation of Textbooks and Ph.D. theses.

 Stacks Area:Ground Floor has stacks area for books on social sciences, humanities, biographies and library science. Progress Reports (PR) including annuals, annals and other serial publications are also shelved on the Ground floor.

 Library Reading Room:A portion of Library on the ground floor has been segregated as an independent Library Reading Room.

 Computer Applications Section:The Computer Applications Section coordinates with all Sections of the Library for library computerization. The Section is responsible for offering computer-based library services. It has servers and staff room as well as a Computer Laboratory that houses 25 computers exclusively for the library users. The Section also houses content development team for the Institute Website.

 Collection Development Division:The key functions of the Collection Development Division(CDD) is to procure all types of documents (except journals) and do their classification and cataloguing. The process of book acquisition is fully computerized using the Koha open source software package. The Section is also responsible for tooling of books which involves fixing labels, date slips, bar-code stickers, etc.

 Bindery:The Bindery looks after the maintenance of library documents. Binding outfits are contracted to perform most of the binding jobs for Library. The Library Bindery also does the lamination work for the Institute.

Map Ground Floor

The Library has its entrance at the first floor which stacks books on science and technology, conference proceedings and reference collection. The reading area is juxtra-positioned to the stacks. The first floor houses the following important sections and facilities:

 Librarian's Office: Including Librarian's Room and his office.

 Reader Services: Reader Services consists of a Room for In-charge of the Section, Membership Counter, Circulation Counter with adjoining staff area and Reference Collection. The Reader Services is concerned with issue, return and renewal of documents to the members of the Library. Besides faculty, students, research scholars and supporting staff of Institute, the Library also offers memberships to corporate bodies, alumni, retired faculty and local libraries. It attends to inter-library loan requests. The section answers queries of readers about circulation in specific and Central Library in general.

 Library Membership Counter: Students, faculty members & employees of the Institute can register/renew their registration for library membership here.The offices of the Head, Library Services as well as Head, Readers Services and Head, Administrative and Maintenance Division are also located on the first floor of the Library. The Seminar Room is located adjacent to the office of the Head, Library Services. Proper signages are displayed prominently both for infrastructures and collections.

 Stacks Area: First Floor houses stacks area for books on sciences, engineering and technology, management sciences, computer sciences and fine arts. Reference collection and conference proceedings (CD) are also housed on first floor of the Library.

 Seminar Room: Seminar Room is housed on the first floor of the Library and is used for holding meetings, workshops, seminars, user awareness programmes, etc.

Map First Floor

The second floor apart form Room for Incharge, Serial Division also houses the following important sections and facilities:

 Journals Section: The Journals Section deals with all activities related to subscription to print and electronic journals, their receipt, display, follow-up and enabling access to e-journals on the Campus LAN. The Library subscribes to The Library subscribes to 714 current journals (print with online) and has access to more than 10,000 e-journals as a member of the INDEST-AICTE Consortium.

 Journals Stacks: The second floor of the Library stacks comprises of current and back volumes of journals.

 Photocopy Facility: The Library provides photocopying facility within the premises of the Library through an external vendor on payment basis.

 Library Compactors: For keeping the very old volumes of the journals.

Map Second Floor