NPTEL 2024

NPTEL 2024- Science Communication: Research Productivity and Data Analytics using Open Source Software
S.No Topics Lecturers Videos PDFs
1 Introduction to Science Communication Dr Mohit Garg
2 Channels of Science Communication Dr Mohit Garg
3 Open Science and Open Access Dr Mohit Garg
4 Open Research Data and Open Peer Review Dr Mohit Garg
5 Overview of Tools for Maximizing Academic Visibility and Impact of Research Output Dr Nabi Hasan
6 Understanding Research Metrices : Author, Journal and Article Level Metrices Dr Neeraj Kumar Chaurasia
7 Abstract and Citation Database Scopus Ms. Vanita Khanchandani
8 Abstract and Citation Database : Web of Science Ms. Vanita Khanchandani
9 Health Science Database : PubMed Ms. Vanita Khanchandani
10 Free Academic Search Engine : Google Scholar Ms. Vanita Khanchandani
11 Installation of R Dr Mohit Garg
12 Installation of RStudi Dr Mohit Garg
13 Object and Different Types Dr Mohit Garg
14 Vector and Data Frame Dr Mohit Garg
15 Lists, Matrices, Factor, Array Dr Mohit Garg
16 Packages and Help Dr Mohit Garg
17 Science Communication and Different Metrices Dr Vijay Kumar Verma
18 Lotka's Law Dr Vijay Kumar Verma
19 Bradford's Law Dr Vijay Kumar Verma
20 Zipf's Law Dr Vijay Kumar Verma
21 Descriptive Analysis - I Dr Mohit Garg
22 Descriptive Analysis - II Dr Mohit Garg
23 Descriptive Analysis - III Dr Mohit Garg
24 Analysis of Bradford and Lotka Law Dr Mohit Garg
25 Science Mapping - I Dr Mohit Garg
26 Science Mapping - II Dr Mohit Garg
27 Data Visualization : an overview, history and skills for researchers Dr Manu TR
28 Data Visualization : types, tools and technologies Dr Manu TR
29 Visualization of Scientific Research Patterns and Trends with VOSviewer and CiteSpace Dr Manu TR
30 Text Mining - Introduction Dr Mohit Garg
31 Regular Expression Dr Mohit Garg
32 Text Pre-processing Dr Mohit Garg
33 Topic Modeling Dr Mohit Garg
34 Best Practices in Academic Rankings in Reference to Times Higher Education (THE), QS, Sanghai (ARWU) and National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) Ranking Dr Kalyan Bhattacharjee
35 Academic Integrity and Ethical Guidelines in Science Communication : ensuring credibility and honesty Dr Neeraj Kumar Chaurasia
36 IPR/Copyright Issues and Practices in Print & Digital Environment Dr Nabi Hasan
37 Predatory Publishing : issues, challenges and the road ahead Dr Nabi Hasan