Ph.D Theses

Ph.D Theses:

The Theses Section is housed in the same area in which the Text Book & Book Section is located at the Ground Floor. Central Library receives copies of all the Ph.D. theses awarded at IIT Delhi and they are housed in this section. There are about 6,800 Ph.D. theses currently available in the section. The Database of the Ph.D. theses is accessible through the WebOPAC by Title, Author, Supervisor, Department, Year, etc. and also through another interface specially prepared for searching the theses at:

ePrints@IITD makes available the abstracts of the theses on-line (title to content pages) from anywhere in the world. The theses in the stacks have been arranged according to the year of submission and you need to note the details from the WebOPAC for locating the theses. The copies of the Ph.D. theses are also available in the respective departments.