The Library subscribes to 690 current journals. The Library has a rich collection of books on science and technology including chemistry, mathematics, physics, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, electrical and electronics engineering, textile engineering, biochemical and biomedical engineering. Besides, Library also has a good collection in the areas of humanities and social sciences.

The collection on humanities and social sciences is housed on the ground floor of the Library. Besides General Collection, the Library has segregated specialized collection having separate collection codes mentioned below :

  • General Collection (GEN)
  • Reference Collection (RL)
  • Conference Proceedings (CD)
  • Progress Reports (PR)
  • Standards (ST)
  • Technical Reports (TR)
  • Theses (TH)
  • Text Books (TB)
  • Book Bank (BB)
  • Video Cassettes
  • Compact Discs (CD)

The total collection of the Library as on 15th February, 2022 is as follows :

Item Collection Count
Books 189,054
Standards       -
Microfilms       -
Theses 6,538
Technical Reports 13,430
Books in Text Book & Book Bank 6,967
Bound Volumes of Journals 1,03,942
Online Electronic Journals 58,847
Online Databases 19
Online Magazine 1,053
Online Standards (Package) 3
Online eBooks (Perpetual) 6,875
Video Cassettes 1,800
Compact Discs 5,550
CD-ROM Databases 2