Book Exhibition

The Central Library, IIT Delhi, in collaboration with the IIT Delhi Empanelled Book Vendors is regularly organizing the Physical & Virtual Book Exhibitions to provide an open platform to institute fraternity to visit, choice, review, recommend and procure the books displayed by the vendors.  During the exhibition, the empanelled vendors setting up stalls with their latest editions of published books including textbooks and references from the leading publishers like Springer, Elsevier, CRC Press, Cambridge University Press, Chicago Press, Harvard University Press, Macmillan International, MIT Press, Wiley, World Scientific, Bloomsbury etc. to attract visitors. The faculty members and students of IIT Delhi can review each book and recommend to strengthening the physical book collection of Central Library and well as Departmental Libraries. The main aim of book exhibitions is not only getting recommendations, but it can also play an important role in developing the reading habit among professionals and bringing the institute community together. 


  • To provide an open platform to institute faculty members/students and staff members to know recent editions of published books on their subject area/discipline.
  • To facilitate to review and recommend the books for the Central Library and Departmental Library to strengthen the collection.
  • To facilitate faculty members to procure the books using their PDA/PDF.
  • To facilitate the institute community to buy the books from the personal funds on IIT Delhi approved discounted rates.
  • To develop the reading habits among institute fraternity.

For any query (ies)/suggestion, please contact:

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Choursia

Deputy Librarian
In-charge: Collection Development Division (CDD)
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016
Tel: +91-11-26596622 (O)