Digitization of PhD Theses

The Central Library has established the Digital Library of the Ph.D. Theses by means of the Digitalization and Digital Content Management. A major Digitization Project has been completed with the completion of the Digitization and Content Creation. Under the project, all the Ph.D. theses available in the Central Library have been digitized and archived with a provision to access with keyword to a secured PDF Theses file. The access to the Extended Abstracts (Title to content pages) has been made available through the WebOPAC of the Library Web OPAC and also through another separate Theses Platform, that is through DSpace Institutional Repository of the Library ( http://eprint.iitd.ac.in ). All the digitization activities were performed inside the earmarked area for the purpose in the Central Library under the supervision of duly constituted Digitization Committee/Monitoring Committee.