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Computer Applications Division (CAD)

Computer Applications Division (CAD) is the heart of Central Library for its innovative Integrated Automated Services. The division is responsible for managing the Integrated Library Management System using LibSys 7, Institutional Repository based on the latest DSpace, Servers and Networking Management and overall, the Library Website and services through it. The division has recently launched the Drupal based Website using its In-House resources. The division provides support to all the sections of the Central Library and Departmental Libraries for providing and customizing different types of Library Resources, Services and Products using different state of the art innovative systems and services. More recently, the division has achieved a unique distinction by shifting all its Automation, Database and other Computerized services on the Cloud, known as the BAADAL. The CAD also maintains the state of the art computer lab of the Central Library, helps in troubleshooting in networking and other computer-related issues apart from need-based support to the institute as a whole.

For feedback and support from this division, please contact:

Mr. Shankar B. Chavan
Assistant Librarian (SS)
Incharge, Computer Applications Division
Phone: 011 - 26591445

Computer and Networking Facilities in The Library

The Library has its sub-LAN which is connected to the Campus LAN. It has a Computer Lab for the users of the Library as well. The Wi-Fi facilities is also available in the library. For Wi-Fi setting and configuration click here 

Computerization of In-house Activities:

All in-house activities of the Library including Collection Development, Cataloguing, Circulation, Electronic Resources Management, etc. are fully computerized using LibSys 7, LSmart DSpace Software Packages. The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), Discovery Service, Single Window Search of the Library and Library App can be used to search bibliographic records and full texts available through web-based search interfaces on Intranet as well as on the Internet. The editing and updating activities of library records and databases are done regularly. Besides, the Central Library has two in-house databases for specialized collections. These databases include Database of Ph.D. theses submitted to the IIT Delhi and Database of research articles by the faculty and researchers of the Institute. The Library uses RFID and bar-code technology for the computerized circulation system. Every document in the Library (except reference sources and bound volumes of journals) bears an RFID tag and bar-code label that facilitates identification of document and the borrower in the circulation process. Similarly, all categories of users have an RFID and bar-coded patron card. The Library has developed an in-house facility for tagging and bar coding of books and patron cards.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

The Library’s Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) can be accessed on Intranet and Internet to search all the records available in the Central Library database through a web-based search interface. The OPAC can be searched by author, title, subject, keywords, classified number, publisher, etc. The OPAC also provides information about new arrivals of journals/books, etc. in the Library. The WebOPAC can be accessed at or through

RFID Technology in the Library

The Central Library is an early adapter of emerging and innovative technologies and has been using RFID technology since 2010. It is the best automation system used worldwide and is an effective way of managing collections of the library and providing enhanced services to the users having benefits like: self-check-out of books, self-check-in (book drop), to control theft, to find misplaced reading material, sorting, inventory accuracy, stock verification procedures, security control, video surveillance, people counter, Smart Card issuance, etc. It is an automatic data capture technology that uses tiny microchips and miniature antennas affixed to documents. RFID plays a vital role in redefining the library processes to make everyone’s job easier right from the users to library staff. IIT Delhi library has one of the most successful running RFID implementations of the country.

Institutional Repository at IIT Delhi (

The eprints@IIT Delhi has been set-up to host full-text of research publications of faculty and researchers of the IIT Delhi using DSpace, an open-source Digital Library software developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The eprints@IIT Delhi provides a platform for faculty and researchers to deposit, reuse, and share their research publications. The repository also can capture, index, store, disseminate and preserve digital materials created in any part of the Institute. Faculty and researchers can register themselves with the digital repository and submit their pre-prints (a pre-refereed version of an article), post-prints (post-refereed final version) and publisher PDFs (if allowed by the publisher). Apart from this, IR also hosts abstracts of the Ph.D theses submitted at Central Library, IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi Faculty Profiling System

The Central Library in collaboration with the MHRD project IRINS has developed and launched a customized profiling system of IIT Delhi through which customized data of the institute and its faculty is available in the most presentable form at It facilitates the Faculty members to collect, curate, and showcase scholarly communication activities and provides an opportunity to create a scholarly network. It has been integrated with Academic identities such as ORCiD ID, Scopus ID, Google Scholar ID, CrossRef, etc. for ingesting the scholarly publications from various sources. One can create/update profile using the VIDWAN site ( and also can manually add the publications which are not listed.

Library App for Single Window Search

Library App Download page form Play Store The Central Library has launched its Single Window Search App which is available on Google Play Store and iOS with the name, “Single Window Search for IIT Delhi” at The App provides access to all library resources, services, and products through Mobile devices.

Discovery Service/ Single Window Search

All the resources of the IIT Delhi are accessible through Ebsco Discovery Services (EDS) which provides a single access point to bibliographical, full text and internal resources using the landing page of the Central Library at

Ask the Librarian and Chatting Service

The Ask the Librarian Interface is popular among users for their different queries through the:

Video Collection and Video Viewing Facility

The Central Library has a good collection of videos. Most of the videos in the Library consist of video recording of series of classroom lectures delivered by the IIT faculty to the undergraduate engineering students. These video recordings are done by the professional video recorders employed by the Educational Technology Services Centre. The videos in the CD/DVD format have been kept in the computer applications division in the central library. This facility can be availed from 9.00 A.M. to 5.30 P.M. on all working days. Several such other lectures from other IITs and IISc Bangalore are also available at NPTEL website (