ARPIT-2020 & 2021: Emerging Trends & Technologies in Library & Information Services (ETTLIS)

1 Emerging Trends & Technologies in Library & Information Services Dr. Nabi Hasan
2 Transformation of Library and Information Science: Resources, Services and Products Dr. Nabi Hasan
3 Preparing for Transformed Libraries in the 21st Century: Changing Landscape, Challenges and Opportunities (Part-1) Dr. Jagdish Arora
4 Preparing for Transformed Libraries in the 21st Century: New Roles, Skills and Strategies (Part-2) Dr. Jagdish Arora
5 Library and Information Science Profession: Trends & Issues Ms. Vanita Khanchandani
6 Library and Information Science Research: Trends & Issues Dr. P.K. Bhattacharya
7 E-Resources and Consortia Management Dr. Neeraj Chaurasia
8 E-Resource Management (ERM) Mr. Vijay Kumar Verma
9 Collection Development with Special Reference to eBooks Mr. Vijay Kumar Verma
10 E-learning and MOOCs: Role of Libraries Dr. Jagdish Arora
11 Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding with Special Reference to Libraries  Prof. Naushad Ali PM
12 RFID Implementation in Libraries Dr. Nabi Hasan
13 QR Code and Useful applications in Libraries Dr. M. Madhusudhan
14 Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 and its Applications in Library Services Dr. Jagdish Arora
15 Single Search to Library Resources: Federated Search and Web-Scale Discovery Services Dr. Ramesh C. Gaur
16 Remote Access to E-Resources Anywhere, Anytime Dr. Parveen Babbar
17 Artificial Intelligence: Representation of Knowledge & Beyond (Part-1) Prof. Niladri Chatterjee
18 Artificial Intelligence: Representation of Knowledge & Beyond (Part-2) Prof. Niladri Chatterjee
19 Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Library Operations and Services Dr. K.P. Singh
20 Internet of Things for Libraries Dr. Parveen Babbar
21 Mobile Based Library Services Dr. M. Madhusudhan
22 Knowledge Management (KM) with Special Reference to Libraries Dr. Kalyan Kumar Bhattacharjee
23 Content Management System Mr. Shankar B. Chavan
24 Development of a Digital Library Using DSpace on Windows Mr. Yogendra Singh
25 Big data and Data Visualization Dr. Shantanu Ganguly
26 Research Data Management in Higher Educational Institutions Dr. Raj Kumar Bhardwaj
27 Understanding the Structure and Dynamics of Research Activity through Publication Based Indicators Prof. Sujit Bhattacharya
28 Scientometrics and Altmetrics: Trends & Issues Dr. Bidyarathi Dutta
29 Exploring Altmetrics Dr. G. Mahesh
30 Open Educational Resources: Issues and Contexts Dr. Anup Kumar Das
31 Open Access to Scholarly Communications & Open Licensing Dr. Priya Rai
32 Academic Integrity and Plagiarism in Research Dr. Ramesh C. Gaur
33 Predatory Publishing: Issues and Challenges Dr. Manorama Tripathi
34 Reference Management Dr. Shantanu Ganguly
35 Indian Research Information Network System Mr. Kannan P
36 Enhancing Quality of Higher Education: Role of INFLIBNET Centre Mr. Manoj Kumar K
37 Human Resources for Libraries in the Digital Era Dr. Kalyan Kumar Bhattacharjee
38 The Human Library: Every One has a Story to Share Dr. Sandeep Pathak
39 Market Your Library Ms. Alpana Sagwal
40 Cloud Computing and Its Application in Libraries  Dr. Nabi Hasan
41 Blockchain and Its application in Libraries Dr. Nabi Hasan
42 Library and Information Science Profession: Opportunities and Challenges Dr. Ramesh C. Gaur
43 E-Resource Management & Licensing Issues Dr. Tariq Ashraf
44 Enhancing  Access to Library Resources: A Critical Discussion, Examination and Evaluation of Web-Scale Discovery Services Dr. Tariq Ashraf
45 Designing the Intelligent Library Search Service Mr. Kaustubh Mukhopadhyay
46 Social Network Analysis and Big Scholarly Data Mr. Yogendra Singh
47 Marketing of Library Products and Services Dr. Shantanu Ganguly
48 Makerspaces in Libraries Dr. Parveen Babbar