Interns Presentations

S.No Topics Lecturers Batch PDFs
14 Scifinder-n Ms. Harshita Shah & Mr. Vijay Kumar 2024-2025
13 Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Library Ms. Mahima Manral 2023-2024
12 DMS Library Renovation Ms. Samiya Saleem V.S. 2023-2024
11 Institutional Repository Mr. Sumit Sen 2023-2024
10 Futuristic Approach Towards Library Services Ms. Priyanka & Ms. Rummana Nazi 2022-2023
9 Textile and Fibre Engineering Library Ms. Shivani Gupta 2022-2023
8 Shibboleth: Identity Provider & Service Provider Mr. Aravind R Nair & Mr. Nabeel Ahmad 2022-2023
7 Human Library Mr. Aravind R Nair & Mr. Nabeel Ahmad 2022-2023
6 Electronic Resources Division Mr. Omnidhi Rajoriya 2021-2022
5 Green Library: How are Library become a Green Library Ms. Geetanjali Singh Thakur 2021-2022
4 Library Also Have Role of Mentor Ms. Priyanka Bose 2021-2022
3 Library and NEP-2020 Mr. Subhas Das 2020-2021
2 Relevance of Five Laws of Library Science in COVID-19 at Central Library, IIT Delhi Mr. Yogesh Singh Malik & Mr. Mohammad Moin 2020-2021
1 Artificial Intelligence: Futuristic Approach to Libraries Mr. Srijan Dey 2020-2021