Collection Development Division

The Collection Development Division focuses on

(1) the acquisitions of library materials i.e. Books and eBooks) 

(2) the interrelated processes of collection planning and building a useful and balanced collection of library materials over a period of time

Acquisition work means the method by which the documents are added to the library. Hence this division performs selection of documents (books and eBooks) and acquiring them by means of procurement, gift, exchange, membership, etc. There are several distinct acquisition functions like selection, verification, vendor assignment, ordering, claiming and cancelling, receiving, accessioning, providing information to indenters regarding status of ordered document making payment, bill processing and maintenance of statistical records pertaining to procurement etc. are performed by this division.

Collection development is based on ongoing assessments of the information needs of library stakeholders, usage statistics analysis, and demographic projections.

The specialized interests of the division include ownership vs. access, open access content, resource scholarly communication, and taking advantage of latest technologies to facilitate collection development and acquisitions.

If you want a book/eBook to be procured for the library please contact Acquisition Section, Central Library.

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Chaurasia
Deputy Librarian
Incharge:Collection Development Division (CDD)