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TH-127Effects of ethanol blending on the performance and exhaust emission of spark ignition engines Mathur, H B 1971ME621.43.057 MAT-E
TH-344Some aspects of dynamic performance of the human middle ear Raghavan, M Vijaya 1976ME577.3:611.85 RAG-S
TH-361Delineation of factors underlying Dyadic interpersonal relationships Gupta, Mahesh Chandra 1974 HSS159.9 GUP-D
TH-670Some non-intellectual characteristics of over-and-under achieving Engineering students Nagpal, Rup Narayana 1979HSS159.922.8 NAG-S
TH-698Computer simulation and optimization of a refrigeration system Saraf, Gulshan Rai 1979ME681.3.06 SAR-C
TH-1998Multilevel futures research srudy of management Sharma, H D 1992MESHA-M
TH-2297Biotechnological study of pathophysiology of the uteroplacental system in pregnancy and its related complication of pre-eclampsia. Sengupta, Amit 1995CBME618.3-008.6 SEN-B
TH-2726Thermal modelling for heat and Anwar, Sayed Irfan 2000CES631.552 ANW-T
TH-2734Dynamic stress analysis and optimization studies Gurban, R.B. 2000 ME621:82:620.194 GUB-D
TH-2756Technology and modelling of fused single mode fibre coupler components Roy Chaudhuri, Partha 2000PHY621.825:681.3 ROY-T
TH-2853Space conditioning with evaporative cooling Krishna Kant 2001CES621.565.8 KRI-S
TH-2993Study of total factor productivity in Indian fertiliser industrySharma, Seema2003HSS338.45:631.8 SHA-S
TH-4697 Studies on polyamide12/sebs-g-mablends with organoclay and zink borate fillers Rinawa, Khushboo2015CPSE678.7 RIN-S
TH-4698Development of a granular media based solid-liquid separation technique for aerobic biological wastewater treatmentKolte, Santosh Sharad2015CE628.19 KOL-D
TH-4757Computational investigation of turbulent slot jet impingment heat transfer using les and rans modellingDutta, rabijit2015AM536.2 DUT-C
TH-4784Study of alternative dispute resolution systems dealing with domestic violence in Delhi and Darjeeling: a restorative justice perspectiveLama, Swikar2015HSS343.1 LAM-S
TH-4798Effect of symthesis parameters on the structural properties of thermally grown tin oxide nanowireShukla, Gyanendra Prakash2015PHY544.473 SHU-E
TH-4896Rain-induced wetting-drying and its implication on the durability design of concrete/ by Haustav SarkarSarkar, Haustav2016CE628.116.2 SAR-R
TH-5453Impact of cash dividend and shares repurchase announcements on returns liquidity and risk: an empirical evidence from Indian corporatesAnwar, Sadaf2017MSTH 336.76(540) ANW-I
TH-4511Studies on multi-constituent nonwoven air filter mediaPradhan, Arun Kumar2013 Das, D (Assoc.Prof.) -TT ,IITD Chattopadhyay R. (Prof.) -TT, IITDSingh, S.N.(Prof.) -AM ,IITD TT TH 676.258 PRA-S
TH-2606Thermal optimisation of high performance solar water heating and steam generating systems Reddy, Kalvala Srinivas 1998 Kaushika, N.D. ( Energy Studies - IIT Delhi ) CES620.9:683.97 RED-T
TH-4512Modelling and characterization of 3D woven solid structures and their composites Dash, Bibhu Prasad2013 Behera, B.K. (Prof.) -TT ,IITDTTTH 677.076.4 PRA-S
TH-4513 Design and develoment of improved power quality switched made power supply system Singh, Shikha2013 Bhuvaneshwari, G. (Prof) -EE ,IITD Singh, Bhim (Prof) -EE ,IITDEE TH 621.311 SIN-D
TH-5268Experimental and numerical characterization of gas-liquid & gas-liquid-solid flows in a bubble column/slurry bubble coluTyagi, Parul2017 Buwa, Vivek V.CHETH 532.694 TYA-E
TH-5378Collaborative urban sensing : bio-inspired approachMukherjee, Sumanta2017 Chaudhury, SantanuEETH 621.391 MUK-C
TH-4567Occurrences and environmental fate of emerging contaminants (pesticides and pharmaceuticals) in indian water matricesKumar, Pravin2013 Mittal, A. K (Prof.) -CE, IITDCETH 628.19 PRA-O
TH-4518Synthesis and supramolecular chemistry of bile acid-based anion- receptors, polymers and self-assembly systemsChhatra, Rajesh Kumar2013 Panday, Pramod S.(Prof.) ,IITDCHYTH 678.02:541.64 CHH-S
th-4810 Novel bile acid and dipyrromethane based receptors for ion and flavin recognitionMuwal, Pradeep Kumar2015 Pandey, Pramod S. (Prof.) CHYCHY544.354-128 MUW-N
th-4809 Ecologically sound fire retardancy protocols for round natural bamboo dendrocalamus strictusSharma, Naresh Kumar2015 Prasad, Rajendra (Prof.) CRDTChariar, Vijayaraghavan M CRDTCRDT582.542 SHA-E
TH5266Implementing alternative control strategies for bioreactor applicationsChopda, Viki Rajendra2017 Rathore, Anurag S Gomes, JamesTH 602.42.7 CHO-I
TH-4521Mechanical properties of hybrid needlepunched nonwoven structure and their compositesSayeed, M. M. Alamgir2014 Rawal, Amit (Ass. Prof.) -TT ,IITD TT TH 677.4 SAY-M
TH-4526Strategy formulation and deployment with confluence of continuity and change:a study of telecom service businessKhare, Shailendra Bahadur2013 Sushil (Prof.) -DMS ,IITD Jain, P.K (Prof.) DMS ,IITDMSTH 654.07 KHA-S
TH-2719Raman and photoluminescence studies of some II-III ternary semiconductor films and nano-particles Gupta, Lalita ;Ms.2000Abbi, S.C. ( Physics - IIT Delhi ) PHY539.216 GUP-R
TH-760Filamentation of very intense laser beams in non-linear media Kothari, Nitin Champaklal 1980Abbi, S.C. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY537.533 KOT-F
TH-2128Resonant Raman and infrared spectroscopy of mercury cadmium telluride Rath, Shyama ;Ms.1994Abbi, S.C. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY535.853-1 RAT-R
TH-2110Temperature dependent Raman studies of ion-implanted and pulse laser annealed gallium arsenide Verma, Prabhat 1994Abbi, S.C.;( Physics - IITD )PHY535.375 VER-T
TH-4732Addresing energy and transmission pricing issues in deregulates electricity marketsNaren Bharatwaj V.2015Abhyankar, A R (Asso.Prof.)E E, IITD EE621.311 NAR-A
TH-5419Game theoretic framwork for loss, deviation cost and profit sharing of distribution entitiesSharma, Satish2017Abhyankar, A. REETH 621.316 SHA-G
TH-5124Reliability compliant planning and impact analysis of dgs in distribution systemsRao, B. Neelkanteshwar2016Abhyankar, A. R.Senroy, Nilanjan EETH 621.316.1 RAO-R
TH-4460Improvements in energy and ancillary services optimization in electricity marketsSurender Raddy S.2013Abhyankar, A. R. (Asstt. Prof.) -EE, IIT Delhi.Bijwe, P. R. (Prof.) -EE, IIT Delhi.EETH 519.28:537 SUR-I
TH-81Investigation on flux and spectrum of primary cosmic ray nuclei and electromagnetic phenomena using nuclear emulsions Puri, Rajinder Kumar 1969Aditya, P.K. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY537.59 PUR-I
TH-1498Indian shipping in overseas trade: it's growth, problem and prospects Shettigar, Jagdish 1987Agarwal, A.L. ( Economics - IITD ) HSS387 SHE-I
TH-1320Wage determination in Indian industries- A macroeconomic approach Aggarwal, Rashmi ;Ms.1986Agarwal, A.L. ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS331.2 AGR-W
TH-1568Macro-economic analysis of Indian railways (with special reference to projections of traffic, rail road shares, dieselisation and electrification, fares and freight rates and investment) Mathur, Venila ;Ms.1988Agarwal, A.L. ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS656.2(540):33 MAT-M
TH-1901Macro-economic analysis of road transport: case study of public road transport undertakings in India Mehdi, Safia 1989Agarwal, A.L. ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS355.691.1 MEH-M
TH-2081On demand projections and transportation of petroleum products in India over a planning horizon Makker, Anand 1993Agarwal, A.L. ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS385/388:665.6(540) MAK-O
TH-2218Prospects of India's textiles and clothing exports and their international competitiveness. Khurana, I.J.S. 1995Agarwal, A.L. ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS677(540) KHU-P
TH-2292Estimation of total factor productivity on Indian railways- a cost function approach. Sharma, Y.B. 1995Agarwal, A.L. ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS656.2(540) SHA-E
TH-1625Estimating production technology efficiency for individual forms of Paddy and Wheat under land reclamation technology: a case study of Gharaunda block (Haryana) with special reference to income distribution Kautala, S S 1988Agarwal, A.N. ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS338.922:631.61 KUT-E
TH-3143Synthesis and processing of temperature-sensitive copolymers f N-Tert-butylacrylamide and acrylamideSave, Ninad S.2004Agarwal, Ashwini K. (Textile Technology - IIT Delhi )TT678-13 SAV-S
TH-5044Concentration and removal of arsenic using sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB)Singh, Satyendra2016Agarwal, G. P.Sreekrishnan, T. R.BEBTH 556.314:549.24 SIN-C
TH-3051Protein transmission analysis in ultrafiltration of ternary mixturesNarsaiah, K.2004Agarwal, G. P. (Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology - IIT Delhi ) BEB577.156 NAR-P.
TH-2543Sorption studies on immobilized metal ion affinity gels for protein fractionation Sharma, Sadhana ;Ms.1998Agarwal, G. P. ( Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology - IIT Delhi ) BEB57.012.6 SHA-S
TH-1951Kinetics and oxygen transfer studies in glycerol biosynthesis by an osmophilic yeast Sahoo, Debendra Kumar 1991Agarwal, G. P. ( DBEB - IITD ) BEB663.1 SAH-K
TH-2212Transmission studies in a vortex flow ultrafilter for protein fractionation Balakrishnan, Malini ;Ms.1994Agarwal, G. P. ( DBEB - IITD ) BEB577.322:621.928.6 BAL-T
TH-5325Comparative study of orotein fractionation in stirred cell and cross flow ultrafiltration modulePremnath S.2017Agarwal, Gopal P.BEBTH 577.112 PRE-C
TH-4719Rejection mechanism for arsenate, chromate and phosphate ions via polyacrylonitrile ultrafiltration mambraneMuthumareeswaran, M R2015Agarwal, Gopal P.(Prof.) DBEB, IITDBEB628.164 MUT-R
TH-3955Study of condensation characteristics of pure and mixtures of HFC refrigerants in horizontal tubes with micro-finsKukreja, Rajeev2010Agarwal, R. S. (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Jain, Sanjeev (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; METH 621.56 KUK-S
TH-881Some fast computational algorithms for signal processing Sudhakar, R 1981Agarwal, R.C. ( CARE - IITD ) EE621.391.81:681.3 SUD-S
TH-1017Sensitivity and roundoff noise in digital filters Bhattacharya, Mrinmoy 1982Agarwal, R.C. ( CARE - IITD ) EE621.38/.39 BHA-S
TH-2828Study of condensing heat transfer characteristics of R-134a and mixtures of HFCs inside a horizontal tube Madhu, D. 2001Agarwal, R.S. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Gupta, S.K. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi )ME621.56/.59 MAD-S
TH-922Thermodynamic properties of dimethyl-formanide and refrigerant 22 for vapour absorption refrigeration system Bapat, Shridhar Laxman 1981Agarwal, R.S. ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) ME621.57.01 BAP-T
TH-2028Nucleate pool boiling of refrigerant 22-dimethylformamide mixtures over a horizontal tube bundle Waleed, Abbas Fadhel 1992Agarwal, R.S. ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) ME621.18 WAL-N
TH-2076Condensation of R12-R13 mixtures inside a horizontal tube Saluja, Ashok Kumar 1990Agarwal, R.S. ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) Dhar, P.L. ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD )MESAL-C
TH-2389A study on mixtures of non-CFC refrigerants alternative to CFC-12 for refrigeration systems. Ramaswamy, M 1995Agarwal, R.S. ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) Srivastava, V.K. ( Chemical Engineering - IITD )ME621.564 RAM-S
TH-4398Fluidized dense phase pneumatic conveying of fine particlesBehera, Niranjana2013Agarwal, V. K. (Prof.) - ITMMEC, IIT DelhiJones, M. G. (Prof.) - University of NewcastleITMMECTH 532 NIR-F
TH-3551Investigation into the erosive of pipline and bends in a pneumatic conveying system.Rao, A.N. Hari2007Agarwal, V.K. (ITMMEC - IIT )ITMMEC621.867.8:620.193.1 RAO-I
TH-3624A study on fluidized mition conveying of fly ash.Gupta, Sanjay Kumar2008Agarwal, V.K. (ITMMEC - IITD ) AM532:666.952 GUP-S
TH-2743An investigation into the influence of material properties on the pneumatic conveying capability of fly Ash Bharathi, M.D. 2000Agarwal, V.K. ( Industrail Tribology Machine Dynamics and Maint. Engg. - IIT Delhi ) ITMMEC662.613.1 BHA-I
TH-4822Modelling and simulation of renewable energy sourcesKumar, Rajesh2015Agarwala, A K (CDE) IDDCIDDC620.91 KUM-M
TH-3702Push pule boost converter with low loss switching.Patil, Sanjay Kumar Limaji2008Agarwala, A.K. (IDDC - IITD )IDDC621.311 PAT-P.
TH-2152Studies on nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation times of biological tissues and magnetic resonance-biochemical correlation in medicine. Sharma, Rakesh 1993Agarwala, A.K. ( IDDC - IITD ) Rehani, M.M. ( AIIMS - New Delhi )IDDC539.27:616 SHA-S
TH-4133Soil moisture measurement using capacitance techniquesKhaja Syed Shahul Hameed. S2010Agarwala, A.K. (chief design engg.) - IDDC ,IIT Delhi; IDDCTH 631.432.2 KHA-S
TH-5285Multiple source localization with single acoustic vector sensorAgarwal, Ashish2017Aggarwal, MonikaKumar, ArunCARETH 621.391 AGA-M
TH-2680Studies on passivation of Hg Cd Te Pal, Ravinder 2000Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IIT Delhi ) PHY621.383.4 RAV-S
TH-525Optical infra-red and laser Raman studies in hexagonal layer semiconducting compounds Garg, Ajai Kumar 1974Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY548.0:53 GAR-O
TH-622Optical and electrical studies on melt grown Lead Tin Selenide and Lead Tin Teeluride crystals Jain, A.K. 1979Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY535.44 JAI-O
TH-637Structural,electrical,optical and photoconducting properties of pure and doped Cds layers produced by spray pyrolysis Gupta, Balkishan 1978Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY537.311.33 GUP-S
TH-694Preparation and applications of Indium tin oxide in photothermal and photo-voltaic energy conversion Ahmar Raza 1979Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY537.311.33 RAZ-P
TH-796Preperation and application of Lead Sulphide in photothermal and photovoltaic energy conversion Thangaraj, R 1980Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY546.815:621.47 THA-P
TH-941Chromium oxide-chromium and copper oxide selective absorbers for photothermal conversion of solar energy Iyer, J Vaidyanatha 1982Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY535.217:523.72 IYE-C
TH-1113Structural,optical,electrical and photoconducting properties of CdSe and CdSx Se1-x films prepared by spray pyrolysis Raturi, Atul Kumar 1983Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY532.6 RAT-S
TH-1319Isotype(n+0-In2O3: Sn, F/n-Si) (SIS) Solar Cells Singh, Son Pal 1985Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY523.2:546.02 SIN-I
TH-1377Growth of SnO2: F by CVD and n+SnO2 Saxena, Anil Kumar 1986Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY532.6 SAX-G
TH-1552Study of Dopants in Lead Chalcogenides Rampal, Rajesh 1987Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY546.81 RAM-S
TH-1571Studies on Optoelectronic properties of semiconductor devices for infra-red Kaushik, Shree Bhagwan 1987Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY537.533 KAU-S
TH-1649Thin films of CuInSe2 and their applications to Cd(Zn)S/CuInSe2 and Cd(Zn)S/CuInS2 solar cells Polla Raja Ram 1984Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY539.231 RAM-T
TH-1719Optical properties and solar selectivity of R.F. Planar Magnetron sputtered NiAl2O3 Composite films Sathiraj, T Stephen 1989Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY537.663.5:539.233 SAT-O
TH-1753Chemical and electron beam deposited Cd.Se1-x Tex thin films and their applications in P.E.C. Mangalhara, Jagdish Prasad 1989Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY539.216 MAN-C
TH-1926Preparation and characterization of flash evaporated mercury-zinc and copper indium chalcogenide semiconductor film Kashyap, Preeti ;Ms.1991Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY537.311.33 KAS-P
TH-2108Preparation and characterization of Cu in(Se1-xSx2) thin films Aren, Girish 1993Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY539.216 ARE-P
TH-2125Characterization of Hg-sensitized photo chemical vapour deposited silicon oxide and silicon oxynitride thin films. Vipan Kumar 1994Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY532.6 VIP-C
TH-2247Photodeposition of silicon nitride and study of its interface properties Rathi, Virendra Kumar 1994Agnihotri, O.P. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY546.171.1 RAT-P
TH-5177Essays on empirical political economicsPanda, Sitakanta2017Agrawal, AnkushPaul, Sourabh BikasHSSTH 330.35:321 PAN-E
TH-4780Nanoencapsulation of n-octadecae using raft miniemulsion polymerizationSirohi, Sidhharth2015Agrawal, ashwini kJassal, ManjeetTT678.02 SIR-N
TH-5144Influence of solution properties on electrospinning behaviour of biocompatible polymers Gupta, Deepika2016Agrawal, Ashwini K.Jassal, ManjeetTTTH 577.11 GUP-I
TH-5145Janus particles for textile applicationsPanwar, Kamlesh2016Agrawal, Ashwini K.Jassal, ManjeetTTTH 677.077 PAN-J
TH-3464PH sensitive fiber derived from copolymer of acrylonitrile and ocrylic acid derivative.Sahoo, Anasurya2007Agrawal, Ashwini K. (TT - IITD )TT678.744.32 SAH-P.
TH-3961Surface functionalization of textile substrates using at mospheric pressure glow plasmaSamanta, Kartick Kumar2010Agrawal, Ashwini K. (Prof.) - TT, IIT Delhi; Jassal, Manjeet (Prof.) - TT, IIT Delhi; TTTH 677.077 SAM-S
TH-3962Study of thermal protection and flammablity characteristics of textile assemblies used in military applicationsKotresh, T. M.2010Agrawal, Ashwini K. (Prof.) - TT, IIT Delhi; TTTH 677.1/.5:355.14 KOT-S
TH-4481Silver nanoparticle dispersions for antimicrobial finishing of textilesPaul, Sangita2013Agrawal, Ashwini K. (Prof.) -TT, IIT Delhi. Jassal, Manjeet (Prof.) -TT, IIT Delhi.TTTH 677.2 PAU-S
TH-4207Electrospinning of polyacrylonitrile nanofibersBasu, Sandip2012Agrawal, Ashwini K. - (Department of Textile Technology, IIT Dehi)Jassal, Manjeet - (Department of Textile Technology, IIT Dehi) TTTH 677.022 BAS-E
TH-4105Simulation and development of higher EER hermetic reciprocating compressorSingh, Vishal2010Agrawal, R.S. (Prof.) ME, IIT Delhi; Jain,Sanjeev (Prof.), ME, IIT Delhi;METH 621.56 SIN-S
TH-3360Reliability,efficiency and maintenance studies for commercial availability of steam power plants using graph theory and matrix approach.Man, Mohan2006Agrawal, V.P. (BITS - IITD )Gandhi, OP. ( ITMMEC - IITD )ME621.311.22:512.8 MOH-R
TH-1422Identification, classification and isomorphism of kinematic chains and mechanisms via identification codes Ambekar, Ashok G 1986Agrawal, V.P. ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) ME531.1 AMB-I
TH-1972Reliability and wear analysis and lubricant selection- a structural approach Gandhi, Om Prakash 1991Agrawal, V.P. ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) Shishodia, K.S. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD )ME621.89 GAN-R
TH-2480Total system design and analysis of automobile vehicles Venkatasamy, R. 1995Agrawal, V.P. ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) ME629.113 VEN-T
TH-224Structural concrete subject to torsion banding and shear Mittal, Bipin Kishore 1974Ahiya, B.M. ( Civil Engineering - IITD ) CE624.012:620.175/.176 MIT-S
TH-2656Folding of proteins: experimental studies on the effect of surfactants and theoretical studies on some wild and mutant proteins Shashank Deep 1999Ahluwalia, J.C. ( Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHE577.156 DEE-F
TH-848Thermodynamics studies on some surfactants and their model compounds in aqueous and mixed aqueous solutions Choudhury, Nirupam Roy 1981Ahluwalia, J.C. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY541.66 CHO-T
TH-870Thermodynamics and structural effects of some sugars and polyols in water and mixed aqueous solutions Jasra, R V 1981Ahluwalia, J.C. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY547.458:541.11 JAS-T
TH-1015Enthalpies and heat capacities of micellization of some surfactants in aqueous solutions Singh, Pramod Kumar 1983Ahluwalia, J.C. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY661.185 SIN-E
TH-1269Themodynamic studies of aqueous and mixed aqueous solutions of some Biopolymer Model Compounds Bhat, Rajiv 1985Ahluwalia, J.C. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY541.64 BHA-T
TH-1621Thermodynamic studies of some nucleic acid bases,nucleosides and nucleotides in water and aqueous solutions of some sugars,salts and urea Nand Kishore 1989Ahluwalia, J.C. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY577.323.24 NAN-T
TH-1779Thermodynamic studies of some surfactants in water and aqoeous urba and ethylene glycol solutions Jha, Rameshwar 1990Ahluwalia, J.C. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY661.185 JHA-T
TH-1948Thermodynamics investigations of some biochemically important systems Swarita Goyal ;Ms.1992Ahluwalia, J.C. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY532.71 GOP-T
TH-2154Thermodynamic properties of some industrially important liquids and their mixtures from 318 to 373 K and 0.1 to 10 MPa Sunil Kumar 1994Ahluwalia, J.C. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY541.11:547.2 SUN-T
TH-2280Synergism in mixed surfactant systems: micellar and volumetric studies. Bhardwaj, Satish 1995Ahluwalia, J.C. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY661.185:591.049 BHA-S
TH-2323Thermodynamics of the effect of some additives on the stability of proteins in aqueous solutions. Jain, Sandhya ;Ms.1995Ahluwalia, J.C. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY547.96:536.7 JAI-T
TH-825Thermodynamics and hydrophobic hydration of some biochemical model compounds in aqueous and mixed aqueous solutions Mishra, Awadhesh Kumar 1981Ahluwalia, J.C. ( Chemistry - ITD ) CHY542.6 MIS-T
TH-3765Non-linear dynamic respose and probabilitic risk analysis of marine rise.Khan, Rizwan Ahmad2009Ahmad, Suhail (AM - IITD )AM551.465:519.21 KHA-N
TH-2616Reliability analysis of a compliant off-shore platform Siddiqui, Nadeem Ahsan 1999Ahmad, Suhail ( Applied Mechanics - IIT Delhi ) AM627.21 SID-R
TH-3937Dynamic analysis and reliability of mooring lines for deep water floating systemsGurumurthy, K.2009Ahmad, Suhail (Prof.) - AM, IIT Delhi; AMTH 627.713 GUR-D
TH-4235Dynamic response of marine propulsion systems under mutiaxial random loadsSatyam, Vikash Kumar2010Ahmad, Suhail - (Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Delhi)Gupta, N. K. - (Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Delhi) AMTH 629.5.03 SAT-D
TH-4774High speed impact of spherical projectiles on steel platesPradhan, Pranab Kumar2015Ahmad,SuhailGupta,N.K.AM669.141.1 PRA-H
TH-5189Impact studies on thermoplastic composite armors reinforced with 2D/3D fabricsBandaru, Aswani Kumar2017Ahmd, SuhailAMTH 678.073 BAN-I
TH-3032Reliability analysis of cable stayed bridges under earthquake forcesKhan, Rehan Ahmad2003Ahmed, Suhail (Applied Mechanics - IIT Delhi ) AM624.21.015 KHA-R
TH-957On the design and evaluation of hierarchical and decentralised regulators for automatic generation control Rao, R Govardhana 1982Ahson, S.I. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621-52 RAO-O
TH-1332Microprocesser based power system stabilizer Panicker, K S Mohanachandra 1986Ahson, S.I. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) Bhatia, C.M. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD )EE621.31:681.3.01 PAN-M
TH-1391Variable structure control design for large scale systems Khurana, Hemamalini ;Ms.1985Ahson, S.I. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621-752 KHU-V
TH-1412A microprocesser-based scheme using fast Walsh-Hadamard transform Sharma, Purnima ;Ms.1986Ahson, S.I. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) Henry, J. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD )EE621.316.925 SHA-M
TH-1492On feedback control design of singularly perturbed systems with applications to synchronous machines Singh, Nagendra Prasad 1987Ahson, S.I. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) Singh, Y.P. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD )EE621.316 SIN-O
TH-1608Some studies on concurrency control and recovery in distributed database systems Sinha, Radha Raman 1988Ahson, S.I. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE681.3-5 SIN-S
TH-1872Some studies on bipolar synchronization schemes Nand Kumar 1988Ahson, S.I. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621.382.33 KUM-S
TH-118Influence of accuracy of assembly system on component tolerancing Tewari, Narendra Kumar 1971Ahuja, B.K. ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) ME621.75 TEW-I
TH-278On the optimization of rotating float in the closed loop stochastic inventory systems Prem Vrat 1974Ahuja, B.K. ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) ME658.787:519.28 PRE-O
TH-926Development of 'standard FMIND' as an index of perceptual motor load Mahajan, Jagmohan 1981Ahuja, B.K. ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) ME621-8:159.95 MAH-D
TH-373On the approximate analysis of hyperbolic paraboloid shell roofs by the method of weighted residuals(v1 and v2) Rao, V Raja 1975Ahuja, B.M. ( Civil Engineering - IITD ) CE624.024.4 RAO-O
TH-640Behaviour of vegetable fibre-reinforced concrete Ramaswamy, H S 1978Ahuja, B.M. ( Civil Engineering - IITD ) CE624.012.45:633.5 RAM-B
TH-302Physico-chemical characteristics of cobalt chalcoginides and their catalytic activities Brar, Ajaib Singh 1975Ahuja, L.D. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY546.73 BRA-P
TH-1464Physico-chemical characteristics of Manganese Chalcogenides and their activity for some model catalytic reactions Rajeshwar, Dongara 1987Ahuja, L.D. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY661.871 RAJ-P
TH-2518Study of solitan properties and switching in fibers with saturating nonlinearity Atul Kumar 1997Ajit Kumar ( Physics, IIT Delhi )PHY535.3:539.2:517.93 ATU-S
TH-4076Carbon nanomaterial incorporated carbon epoxy three phase compositesRana, Sohel2011Alagirusamy, R. (Prof.) - TT, IIT Delhi; Joshi, Mangla (Prof.) - TT, IIT Delhi; TTTH 546.26:620.3 RAN-C
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TH-3350Recirculating fluidized bed operations.Chandel, Munish Kumar 2005Alappat, abu J. (CE - IITD )CE624:66-912 CHA-R
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TH-5264Attrition of bed material in a recirculating fluidized bedChourasia, Shivali2017Alappat, Babu JCETH 544.6.076.328.6 CHO-A
TH-3171Formulation and demostration of a technique to quatify leachate pollution potential of municipal landfillsDinesh Kumar2005Alappat, Babu j. (Civil Engineering - IIT Delhi )CE628.6 DIN-F
TH-4562Environmental forensic investigation of polluted groundwater sitesVarghese, George K.2013Alappat, Babu J. (Prof.) -IIT, IITDCETH 628.19 VAR-E
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TH-1078Synthetic studies in Terpenoids Harish Ranjan 1983Anand, R.C. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY547.59 RAN-S
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TH-1107Broadband Rf transformers and components constructed with twisted multiwire transmission Pandian, G Soundra 1983Arockiasamy, R. ( IDDC - IITD ) IDDC621.3.04 PAN-B
TH-1281Solid state control of high-speed electric drives Mortazavi, S Mehdi 1985Arockiasamy, R. ( IDDC - IITD ) IDDC621-83 MOR-S
TH-1506Electric drives suitable for flywheel energy storage systems Anbarasu, R 1987Arockiasamy, R. ( IDDC - IITD ) IDDC621.43.05 ANB-E
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TH-5227Memory model specific verification of safety properties of concurrent programsNarayan, Chinmay2017Arun-Kumar, S.CSETH 681.337 NAR-M
TH-5363Development of micro/nano structured surfacesGoswami, Arjyajyoti2017Arvindan, S Rao P. VenkateswaraMETH 620.3 GOS-D
TH-771Vibration analysis of stringer stiffened sandwich panel Kavi, Niranajan 1980Asnani, N.T. ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) ME620.178.3 KAV-V
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TH-4705Experimental and numerical studies on pile behavior under combined lateral and uplift loadsReddy, K. Madhusudan2015Ayothiraman, R. (Asso. P.) CE, IITDCE624.154 RED-E
TH-3352Modeling and design of solar heated plastic shelter fish pond.Sarker, Bikash2006Ayyoppan, S. (ICAR - N.Delhi )CES639.31:628.55 SAR-M
TH-2124Sequence spaces and related topicsMishra, Shailendra Kumar 1993B Choudhary (Mathematics - IITD) MA515.17 MIS-S
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TH-355Preparation and properties of Organisation Monomers and Polymers Nanababu, Gaddam 1976Bajaj, P. ( Textile Technology - IITD ) CHY541.64 BAB-P
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TH-1549Fourier methods in generation system reliability evaluation and production costing Prabhat Mohan 1988Balasubramanian, R ( CES - IITD ) CES621.311 MOH-F
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TH-5228Identification and functional characterization of membrane-active components in hepatitis A virus (HAV)Shukla, Ashutosh2017Banerjee, ManidipaSBSTH 616.36.002 SHU-I
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TH-3262Development of an alkaline fuel cell for direct use of liquid fuelsVerma, Anil2005Basu, Suddhasatwa (Chemical Engineering - IIT Delhi )CHE662.75 VER-D
TH-2931Removed of ionic dyes from water by liquid-liquid extraction using reverse micelles Pandit, Prabhat 2002Basu, Suddhasatwa ( Civil Engineering - IIT Delhi ) CE628.54 PAN-R
TH-4499Investigation of multidoped ceria as cathode material for low temperature solid oxide fuel cellChockalingam, Rajlekshmi2013Basu, Suddhasatwa (Prof.) -CHE, IITDGanguli, Ashok Kumar (Prof.) -CHY, IITDCHETH 621.352.3 CHO-I
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TH-3895Deformation and detachment of an oil droplet from the solid substrate by simple shear flow.Gupta, Amit Kumar2010Basu, Sudhasatwa ( CHE - IITD ) CHE532.5 GUP-D
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TH-1688Studies in gas-liquid reactions and development of reactor Harish Chander 1989Baveja, K.K. ( Chemical Engineering - IITD ) CHE66.071.7 CHA-S
TH-3963Modelling & analysis of drape behaviour of woven fabrics under static and dynamic conditionsPattanayak, Ajit Kumar2010Behera, B. K. (Prof.) - TT, IIT Delhi; TTTH 677.074 PAT-M
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TH-3125Automatic fabric inspection using digital image processing and neural networkMani, M.P.2004Behera, B.K. (Textile Technology - IIT Delhi )TT677.01:681.327.57 MAN-A
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TH-4544Role of loop geometry on properties and performance of woven terry fabricsSingh, Jitendra Pratap2013Behera, B.K. (Prof.) -TT, IITDTTTH 677.074 SIN-R
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TH-2336New analytic solutions of nonlinear-partial differential equations of mathematical physics via isovector, equivalence transformations and direct methods. Bhattacharya, Lipika ;Ms.1995Bhutani, O.P. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA53:517.9 BHA-N
TH4875Design modeling and implementation of improved power quality switched mode power supplies for arc welding applications/ by Swati NarulaNarula, Swati2015Bhuvaneswari, G(EE- IIT Delhi)Singh, Bhim (EE- IIT Delhi) EE621.311.17 NAR-D
TH-3397Shunt active power filtering for power quality improvement.Nair, Manjuli G. ; Ms. 2006Bhuvaneswari, G. (EE - IITD )EE621.311 NAI-S
TH-4263Power quality improvement in three-phase input AC mains FED switched mode power supplyKalpana, R.2012Bhuvaneswari, G. (Electrical Engineering Department - IIT Delhi)Singh, Bhim (Electrical Engineering Department - IIT Delhi) EETH 621.314.5 KAL-P
TH-4785Analysis ,design and implementation of improved power quality converters feo adustable speed induction motor drivesSandeep, Madishetti2015Bhuvaneswari,G.Singh,Bhim (Prof) EEEE621.313.333 SAN-A
TH-2763Friction and wear studies on polyetherimide and composites Indumathi, J 2000Bijwe, J. ( Industrail Tribology Machine Dynamics - IIT Delhi ) ITMMEC678.03:620.178.1 IND-F
TH-5084Development, investigations and failure analysis of high performance adhesivesKadiyala Ajay Kumar2016Bijwe, JayashreeITMMECTH 678.061:620.1 KAD-D
TH-5401Development of polymer composites/nano-composites for the enhancement in abrasive and erosive wear resistanceSharma, Sanjeev2017Bijwe, Jayashree Panier, Stephane ITMMECTH 678.01:620.1 SHA-D
th-5461Exploration of potential of nano and micro particles of solid lubricants for enhancing the tribo performance of oilGupta, Manoj Kumar2017Bijwe, jayashreeITMMECTH 621.892:620.3 GUP-E
TH-3313Investigations on mechanical and tribological properties of carbon fabric reinforced polyetherimide composites.Rekha, Rattan ; Ms. 2006Bijwe, Jayashree (ITMMEC - IITD )ITMMEC678.5/.7 RAT-I
TH-2934Performance evaluation of non-asbestos fiber reinforced organic friction materials Satapathy, Bhabani Kumar 2002Bijwe, Jayashree ( Industrail Tribology Machine Dynamics - IIT Delhi ) ITMMEC620.178.1 SAT-P
TH-4861Studies on infulence of fillers, fibres and resin on performance of nao friction materials/ by Aranganathan, NAranganathan, N2015Bijwe, Jayashree (ITMMEC - IIT Delhi) ITMMEC677.021.12 ARA-S
TH-4527Polybenzines: synthesis and evaluation as adhesives and tribo-materialSini N K2014Bijwe, Jayashree (Prof.) ,IITDITMMECTH 547.537 SIN-P
TH-5004Development and performance evaluation of polytetrafluoroethylene based nano and micro-oilsDubey, Mukesh Kumar2016Bijwe, Jayashree (Prof.) - ITMMECRamakumar, SSV (Executive Director) - IOLITMMECTH 621.892:620.3 DUB-D
TH-4059Investigations on the influence of metal contents in friction composites on the performance propertiesMukesh Kumar2010Bijwe, Jayashree (Prof.) - ITMMEC, Delhi; ITMMECTH 621.89 MUK-I
TH-4068Carbon fabric reinforced polymer composites: development, surface designing by micro and nano PTFE and performance evaluationSharma, Mohit2011Bijwe, Jayashree (Prof.) - ITMMEC, Delhi; ITMMECTH 678.062 SHA-C
TH-3890Transmission network expansion planning.Verma, Ashu2009Bijwe, P. R. (EE - IITD)Panigrahi, B. K. (EE - IITD)EE621.315 VER-T
TH-3505Some improvements in distribution system analysis and optimizationjRaju, G. Kasiviswanadha2007Bijwe, P.R. (EE - IIT Delhi )EE621.316 RAJ-S
TH-3366Power system analysis and optimization with certain and uncertain input data.Pande, Vijay Narhar2006Bijwe, P.R. (EE - IITD )Hanmandlu, M. EE621.311 PAN-P.
TH-2745Voltage security analysis and enhancement Kalapura, S.M. 2000Bijwe, P.R. ( Electrical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) CES621.3.027 KEL-V
TH-1870Some studies on multiconductor transmission lines and multiwinding transformers Thomas, Mini Shaji 1990Bijwe, P.R. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) Indulkar, C.S. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD )EE621.372.2 THO-S
TH-2464Voltage stability analysis and enhancement Tare, Rajendra 1996Bijwe, P.R. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621.316.722.1 TAR-V
TH-4612New efficient techniques for power system analysis and optimizationMohapatra, Abheejeet2014Bijwe, P.R. (Prof.) -EE, IITDPanigrahi, B. K. (Asso. Prof.) -EE, IITDEETH 621.316.1 MOH-N
TH-604A study of anodic Al2O3 films and their application to a novel two-phase CCD structure Kandala Srinivasa Chari 1979Bimal Mathur ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621.3 CHA-S
TH-1586Bioconversion of cellulosic residues into microbial biomass protein by Lignocellulolytic fungus Coriolus hirsutus Srivastava, Atul Kumar 1988Bisaria, V. ( DBEB - IITD ) BEB576.8.093 SRI-B
TH-5048Biosynthesis of aleuritic acid in Indian lac insect, Kerria Lacca and its in Vitro productionKaprakkaden, Anees2016Bisaria, V. S.Srivastava, PreetiBEBTH 595.752 KAP-B
TH-3904Studies on production and application of plant growth promoting root endophyte piriformospora indicaKumar, Vinod2010Bisaria, V. S. ( BEB - IITD )Sahai, Vikram ( BEB - IITD ) BEB631.466 VIN-S
TH-3547Process strategies for enhanced production of xylanase in submerged culture by melanocarbons albomyces IIID3A.Biswas, Ranjita ; Ms. 2007Bisaria, V.S. BEB577.15 BIS-P.
TH-2654Simultaneous bioconversion of glucose and xylose in lignocellulose hydrolyzate to ethanol Chandrakant, Priya 1999Bisaria, V.S. ( Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology - IIT Delhi ) BEB577.1:547.455.623 PRI-S
TH-1797Growth and product formation in plant cell grawth of Holarrhena antidysenterica Panda, Amulya K 1990Bisaria, V.S. ( DBEB - IITD ) BEB576.3 PAN-G
TH-2365Studies on the effect of Sorbose on biosynthesis and properties of cellulase enzymes in trichoderma reesei. Sethi, Benu ;Ms.1995Bisaria, V.S. ( DBEB - IITD ) BEB577.152.321 SET-S
TH-2470Xylanases Melanocarpus Albomyces IIS 68- Biosynthesis, purification and characterization Saraswat, Vibhor 1997Bisaria, V.S. ( DBEB, IIT Delhi )BEB547.918 VIB-X
TH-4107Studies on growth, metabolites synthesis and agronomical applications of fluorescent pseudomonad R81Sarma, M.V.R.K.2011Bisaria, V.S. (Prof.), DBEB, IITD ; Sahai, Vikram (DR.), DBEB, IITDBEBTH 577.121:631 SAR-S
TH-5430Human action recognition from depth maps and skeleton dataShukla, Parul2017Biswas, K KKalra Prem KCSETH 681.772.21 SHU-H
TH-5157Saliency detection in images and videosKapoor, Aditi2017Biswas, K. K.Hanmandlu, M.SITTH 611.81 KAP-S
TH-4594Fuzzy seta variants for handling uncertainty in decision makingAggarwal, Manish2013Biswas, K. K. (Prof.) -CSE, IITDHammandlu, M. (Prof.) -EE, IITD TH 681.3 AGG-F
TH-2978Integrated visual feature-based indexing for content -based image retrievalPrasad, B.G.2003Biswas, K.K. (Computer Science and Engineering - IIT Delhi ) CSE681.327.12 PRA-I
TH-2842Low bit-rate facial video compression Chatterjee, Shoma 2001Biswas, K.K. ( Computer Science and Engineering - IIT Delhi ) CSE621.397.2:681.3 CHA-L
TH-2881Evolutionary learning based fuzzy theoretic approach for characterizing Jodon, Rakesh Singh 2002Biswas, K.K. ( Computer Science and Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Chaudhary, S. ( Electrical Engineering - IIT Delhi )CSE681.846:519.5 JOD-E
TH-2185Applications of invariants in model based object recognition Bose, Sanku Kumar 1994Biswas, K.K. ( Computer Science and Engineering - IITD ) Gupta, S.K. ( Computer Science and Engineering - IITD )CSE681.3.02 BOS-A
TH-1637Distortion of a thrust pad bearing on elastic support Nowesar Mohammed Abdel Gawad Ashour 1989Biswas, S ( ITMMEC - IITD ) Athre, K ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD )ME539.3 ASH-D
TH-1963Thermal effects in non-circular bearing Hussain, A J 1992Biswas, S ( ITMMEC - IITD ) ITMMEC621.822 HUS-T
TH-2729Theoretical and experimental investigation on stability and cavitation of hydrodynamic bearing Narasimha Rao, T.V.V.L 2000Biswas, S. ( Industrail Tribology Machine Dynamics and Maint. Engg. - IIT Delhi ) ITMMEC621.822 NAR-T
TH-2049Investigation of cavitation and thermohydrodynamic study in a journal bearing Mistry, Kishore N 1993Biswas, S. ( ITMMEC - IITD ) ITMMEC621.89 MIS-I
TH-2160Deformation and heat transfer effects in conventional and water-cooled spring-supported tilting-pad thrust bearings. Chaturvedi, Kaushal kishore 1994Biswas, S. ( ITMMEC - IITD ) ITMMEC539.37:621.822.2 CHA-D
TH-4538Select study of procurement process and availability improvement in military aviationRai, Rajiv Nandan2013Bolia, Nomesh (Asstt. Prof.) -ME, IITDMETH 623.7 RAI-S
TH4872Maintenance performance management models for repairable systems/ by Monika tanwarTanwar, Monika2015Bolia, Nomesh (ME- IIT Delhi) ME621.005.962.13 TAN-M
TH-2871Design and development of CMOS analog building blocks relevant to micropower analog hearing aids Dey, Saudas 2000Bose, G. ( Applied Research in Electronics - IIT Delhi ) CARE621.85:615.47 DEY-D
TH-5055Statistical channel knowledge based transmission strategies for energy- constrained AD-HOC wireless relay networksGupta, Sabyasachi2016Bose, RanjanTH 621.391 GUP-S
TH-5200Power allocation, relay selection & cooperative techniques for physical layer security in relayed communication systemsGhose, Sarbani2017Bose, RanjanEETH 621.391.7 GHO-P
TH-5231Resource allocation and performance analysis for secrecy in amplify-and-forward relay systemJindal, Abhishek2017Bose, RanjanBSTTMTH 621.391 JIN-R
TH-5288Green design for energy-constrained wireless sensor nerworksMehrotra, Rashi2017Bose, RanjanEETH 621.391.81 MEH-G
TH-5449Advanced information theory for the analysis of biological dataRamakrishnan, Nithya2017Bose, RanjanEETH 577.2 RAM-A
TH-3712Smart antenna design techniques for ultra wideband communications.Mani, V.V.2008Bose, Ranjan (EE - IITD )EE621.396.67 MAN-S
TH-3861Integrated framework for energy optimization of wireless sensor nodesChouhan, Sonali (Ms.)2009Bose, Ranjan (EE - IITD)Balakrishnan, M. (CSE - IITD)EE 621.382 CHO-I
TH-4376Energy estimation and modeling of ldpc decodersBhargava, Lava2012Bose, Ranjan (Prof.) - EE, IIT Delhi.Balakrishnan, M. (Prof.) - CSE, IIT Delhi.EE620.91 BHA-E
TH-4728Performance analysis, power allocation and secrecy in relayed communication systemsKundu, Chinmoy2015Bose, Ranjan (Prof.) -EE, IITD 621.391.7 KUN-P
TH-4246Characterization of isobornyl acrylate and methacrylate copolymers by NMR spectroscopyKhandelwal, Deepika2012Brar, A. S. (Guru Nanak Dev University - Amritsar,Punjab)Shankar, Ravi (Department of Chemistry - IIT Delhi)CHYTH 678.01 KHA-C
TH-2958Structural investigation of vinyl tempolymer by NMR spectroscopyPradhan, Dev Ranjan2003Brar, A.S. (Chemistry - IIT Delhi )CHY687-13:543.422 PRA-S
TH-3033NMR, fluorescence and thermal studies of N-vinylcarbazole copolymersManpreet Kaur2003Brar, A.S. (Chemistry - IIT Delhi )CHY678-13 MAN-N
TH-3216Analysis of the carban-13NMR chemical shifts and 2D NMR studies of vinyl copolymersSingh, Gurmeet2005Brar, A.S. (Chemistry - IIT Delhi )Shankar, Ravi ( Chemistry - IIT Delhi )CHY543.422.25 SIN-A
TH-3303NMR studies of vinyl polymers synthesized by atom transfer radical polymerizationSukhdeep Kaur2006Brar, A.S. (Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHYTH 541.64 SUK-N
TH-3441Synthesis and charaterization of carbazole based copolymers.Singh, Pravin Kumar2007Brar, A.S. (CHEMISTRY - IITD )CHY541.64 SIN-S
TH-3326Synthesis of Acrylonitrile copolymers by atom transfer radical polymerization and NMR studiesSaini, Tripta ; Ms. 2006Brar, A.S. (CHY - IITD )CHY678-13:543.42 SAI-S
TH-3328Carbazole-based polymers:synthesis,stereoregularity control and NMR studiesMarkanday, Meghna ; Ms. 2006Brar, A.S. (CHY - IITD )CHY678.764.43:543.42 MAR-C
TH-3412NMR studies of syyrene copolymers prepared by atom transfer radical polymerization.Puneeta ; Ms. 2006Brar, A.S. (CHY - IITD )CHY541.6 PUN-N
TH-3418NMR studies of acrylate and methacrylate copolymersGandhi, Sonia ; Ms. 2007Brar, A.S. (CHY - IITD )CHY543.42:678-13 GAN-N
TH-3457Predition of carbon-13 chemical shift value and 2D NMR studies of acrylonitrile copolymers.Kaur, Jaspreet2007Brar, A.S. (CHY - IITD )CHY543.42:678.744.32 JAS-P.
TH-3828Synthesis and characterization of vinyl copolymers and terpolymers by NMR spectroscopyGoyal, Ashok Kumar2009Brar, A.S. (CHY - IITD)Shankar, Ravi (CHY - IITD)CHY678.743.2 GOY-S
TH-2577Microstructure determination of vinylidene chloride copolymers by one and two dimesional NMR spectroscopy Malhotra, Meenakshi ;Ms.1998Brar, A.S. ( Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHY678-13:543.422.25 MAL-M
TH-2694Synthesis and sequence determination of trans-4 acryloyloxyazobenzenene and trans-4 methacryloyloxyazobenzene based copolymers by one and two dimensional NMR spectroscopy Thiyagarajan, M 1999Brar, A.S. ( Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHY543.42:678-13 THI-S
TH-2772Microstructure determination of vinyl terpolymers by one and two dimensional NMR spectroscopy Hekmatyar, N.M.Shahryar Khan 2000Brar, A.S. ( Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHY678.743:543.42 HEK-M
TH-2855Sequencing of n vinyl 2-pyrrolidone coplymers by NMR spectroscopy Rajeev Kumar 2002Brar, A.S. ( Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHY678-13:543.422.5 RAJ-S
TH-2864Microstructure departmination of glycidil-methacrylate copolymers by NMR spectroscopy Yadav, Anil 2002Brar, A.S. ( Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHY678-13:543.42 YAD-M
TH-1737NMR and mossbauer studies of copolymers Kapur, Gurpreet Singh 1990Brar, A.S. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY678-13 KAP-N
TH-1946NMR and Mossbauer studies of some vinyl copolymers Sunita ;Ms.1992Brar, A.S. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY678-13:541.15 SUN-N
TH-2257NMR studies of vinul acetate copolymers. Shiv Charan 1995Brar, A.S. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY678-13 SHI-N
TH-2514Sequence determination of Acrylonitrile copolymers by one and two dimensional NMR spectroscopy Dutta, Kaushik 1997Brar, A.S. ( Chemistry, IIT Delhi )CHY546.173:539.27 DUT-S
TH-1473Physico-chemical characteristics and catalytic activity of some mixed first Transition Series metal oxides Mazumdar, Sanjiv Kumar 1987Brar, I.A.S. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY546.3-31 MAZ-P
TH-3889Information theoretic formulation and analysis of performance issues in biometric authentication.Bhatnagar, Jay Prakash Ravindra2009Brejesh, Lall ( EE - IITD )Patney, P. K. ( EE - IITD) EE681.327 BHA-I
TH-110Some electromagnetic instabilities in hot magneto-plasmas Lakhina, G S 1972Buti, B ( Physics - IITD ) PHY533.9 LAK-S
TH-156Non-linear wave phenomena and transport phenomena in weakly ionized magnetoplasmas Jayaraman, S ;Ms.1972Buti, B ( Physics - IITD ) PHY533.9 JAY-N
th-5410Study on polyurethene nanocomposite coatings for improved weather resistance and gas barrier propertiesChatterjee, Upashana2017Butola, B SJoshi, Mangala TTTH 678.026 CHA-S
TH-4545Studies on impact resistance behavior of woven textile structures treated with shear thickening fluidsSrivastava, Ankita2013Butola, Bhupendra Singh (Asstt. Prof.) - TT, IITDMajumdar, Abhijit (Asstt. Prof.) - TT, IITD TTTH 677.074 SRI-S
TH-4691Polyurethane / clay based nanocomposite films and nanofibres for topical drug delivery applicationSaha, Kasturi2015Butola, Bhupendra Singh-TT, IITDJoshi, Mangla (Prof.) TT, IITDTT620.3:677.014 SAH-P
TH-4815 Experimental and numerical investigations of gas-;iquid and gas-liquid-liquid flows in microchannelsRajesh, V M2015Buwa, Vivek V (Asso.Prof.) CHECHE66.071.6 RAJ-E
TH-4066Experimental and numerical investigations of micro-scopic gas-liquid flowsRabha, Swapna Singha2011Buwa, Vivek Vitthal (Assoc. Prof.) - CHE, IIT Delhi; CHETH 532.694 RAB-E
TH-5434Bioremediation of nitro aromatic explosive contaminants 2,4,-dinitrotoluene (DNT) and2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) from water using selected biofuel crops and native microbesNandan2017Celin, S. MaryCETH 662.764 NAN-B
TH-3583A new augmented data vartia all optical interconnection network with performance evalution and fault tolerance studies.Sharma, Neha2008Chadha, D. (EE - IIT )EE621.3.011.715 SHA-N
TH-1871Theoretical characterization of certain finline configurations Ramakrishna, P V 1991Chadha, D. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621.315.6 RAM-T
TH-5020Performance improvements in free space optical links with application to high altitude platform communication systemManish2016Chadha, Devi (Prof.) - EEChandra, Vinod (Prof.) - EEEETH 621.39:621.371.32 MAN-P
TH-3862Groundwater simulation-optimization modeling using analytic element method and PSC.Gaur, Shishir2009Chahar, B. R. ( CE - IITD) CE556.38 GAU-G
TH-4560Optimal alignment of a canal routeBasu, Sridebi2014Chahar, B. R.(Prof.) -CE, IITDCETH 626.82 BAS-O
TH-3466Artificial groundwater recharging for arid regions.Choudhary, Mahender2007Chahar, B.R. (DCE - IITD )Satya, Santosh ( CRDT - IITD ) CRDT556.332.6(213.52) CHO-A
TH-3982Structure, entropy and transport in network-forming liquidAgarwal, Manish2010Chakaravarty, C. (Prof.) - CHY, IIT Delhi; CHYTH 544.322 AGA-S
TH-3221Computational studies of hydrogen bond network dymanics in waterMudi, Anirban2005Chakarvarty, C. (Chemistry - ITT Delhi )CHY543.35 MUD-C
TH-3427Melting,freezing and the potential energy landscape.Chakraborty, Somendre Nath2007Chakavarty, C. (CHY - IITD ) CHYTH 54-14:681.3 CHA-M
TH-4661Numerical analysis of geothermal energy piles in sandRupal, Rajni2014Chakraborty, Tanusree (Asst. Prof.) -CE, IITDCETH 550.836 RUP-N
TH-3829Computational studies of network-forming liquids: multiple time-scale behavior and water-like anomaliesSharma, Ruchi2009Chakravarty, C. (CHY - IITD)CHY 546-1 SHA-C
TH-2801Molecular dynamics studies of simple sorbates in zeolites Kar, Sudeshna 2001Chakravarty, C. ( Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHY549.67 KAR-M
TH-2913Potential energy landscapes and properties of simple liquids Shah, Pooja ;Ms.2002Chakravarty, C. ( Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHY54-14:519.245 SHA-P
TH-4775Using computer simulations to understand the role of water as a solvent in bio-molecular systemsNayar, Divya2015Chakravarty, CharusitaCHY579.68 NAY-U
TH-4663Computer simulations of tetrahedral liquids and nanoparticle dispersionsJabes, B. Shadrack2014Chakravarty, Charusita(Prof.) -CHY, IITDCHY54.28 JAB-C
TH-2678Studies on lipase catalyzedesterification/trans-esterification reactions for resolution racemic acids and alcohols in microaqueous medium Pannu, Jaspreet 1999Chand, Subash ( Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology - IIT Delhi ) BEB577.152:543.9 PAN-S
TH-3467Studies on lipppppase-catalyzed transesterification of triglycerides.Prabhakar, Mili2006Chand, Subhash (BEB - IITD ) BEBTH 577.15 PRA-S
TH-3682Studies on cell growth,plasmid stability and protein expression by recombinant escherichia cots.Mathur, Ashwani2008Chand, Subhash (BEB - IITD ) BEB577.15:615.4 MAT-S
TH-3235Studies on microbial production of gibberellic acidShukla, Ruchi2005Chand, Subhash (Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology - IIT Delhi )Srivastava, A.K. ( Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology - IIT Delhi )BEB577.175.132 SHU-S
TH-2758Microbial production of Tannase and its application in hydrolysis of Tannins and synthesis of Galic acid esters Seth, Malini ;Ms.2000Chand, Subhash ( Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology - IIT Delhi ) BEB576.82:547.98 SET-M
TH-4303Novel algorithms and their applications for miniing static, structured, temporal data and data streamsBhaskar, Shalini2012Chandra B. (Department of Mathematics - IIT Delhi)SITTH 681.3.01 BHA-D
TH-2168Laser speckle techniques for temperature profile measurement. Nirala, Anil Kumar 1994Chandra Shakher ( IDDC - IITD ) IDDC536.462 NIR-L
TH-2071Diffractive optical elements in speckle metrology and temperature measuremnetDaniel, A J Pramila 1993Chandra Shakher (IDDC - IITD)IDDC551.501:535.42 DAN-F
TH-4018Scientific and industrial applications of digital holographySheoran, Gyanendra2010Chandra Shakher (Prof.) -IDDC, IIT Delhi; IDDCTH 681.327.57 SHE-S
TH-3628Investigations on some opto-electronic techniques for dimensional metrologyChaudhary, Krishan Pal2005Chandra Shakher, (IDDC - IITD )IDDC620.1.08 CHA-I
TH-1841Axial current conduction through insulating walls in MHD generators Panwar, Rakesh 1990Chandra, A ( CES - IITD ) CES621.311 PAN-A
TH-1960Environmental aspects and analysis of coal combustion products for Indian MHD power plant Singh, Umesh Kumar 1992Chandra, A ( CES - IITD ) CES621.311 SIN-E
TH-3091Renewable energy based power systems in India:energetics and environmental assessmentAshraf, Imtiaz2004Chandra, A. (Centre for Energy Studies - IIT Delhi )CES620.91:621.311(540) ASH-R
TH-3598Environmental impact mohitoring of coal based thermal power plants.Singh, Renu2008Chandra, A. (CES - IITD )CES621.362 SIN-E
TH-3519Energy and exergy analysis of a passive and active solar distillation systemsDimri, Vimal2007Chandra, Avinash (CES - IIT Delhi )CES628.16.048:523.9 DIM-E
TH-3761Social multi-criteria evaluation of power sector reform in delhi.Ahuja, Harish Kumar2009Chandra, Avinash (CES - IITD )CES621.311.1(540.23) AHU-S
TH-4063Indoor air pollution associated with cooking fules: an exposure and respiratory health assessment study in Jhajhar district of HaryanaJoon, Vinod2011Chandra, Avinash (Prof.) - CES, IIT Delhi; Bhattacharya, M. (Prof.) - NIHFW, New Delhi; ESTH 662.6:628.5(540.21) JOO-I
TH-4631Investigation on domestic cooking fuels characteristics & GHG emissions and their energy utilization efficiency in IndiaHarshika Kumari2014Chandra, Avinash (Prof.) -CES, IITDESTH 662.7 HAR-I
TH-5057Developing new algorithms for machine learning and deep learningSharma, Rajesh Kumar2016Chandra, B.MATH 510.51 SHA-D
TH-3633Machine learning algorithms:select studies in classification,ARM and applications.Varghese, Pallath Paul2008Chandra, B. (MA - IITD ) MA621.3 VAR-M
TH-4559Advances in pattern classification using improved ann, spiking neural network and decision tree/ by Venkatanareshbabu KuppiliKuppili, Venkatanareshbabu2014Chandra, B. (MA- IIT Delhi)Hanmandulu,M (EE- IIT Delhi) MATH 681.3 KUP-A
TH-4012Developing efficient techniques for feature selection, classification, semi-supervised clustering and their applicationsGupta, Manish2010Chandra, B. (Prof.) - MA, IIT Delhi; Gupta, M. P. (Prof.) - MA, IIT Delhi; MATH 519.23 GUP-D
TH-2532Automating knowledge acquisition from natural language text Bhat, Rajesh 1998Chandra, B.; Ms. ( Mathematics,Computer Application Group - IIT Delhi ) Biswas, K.K. ( Computer Science and Engineering - IIT Delhi )MA681.3.06 BHA-A
TH-2401Neural networks for natural language processing Murthy, B. Krishna 1996Chandra, B; Ms. ( MA - ITD ) MA681.3.06 KRI-N
TH-5087Ergativity in western Indo- Aryan languagesUdaar, Usha2016Chandra, PrithaHSSTH 81 272 UDA-E
TH-5118Person in Punjabi: investigating argument and clitic licensingKaur, Gurmeet2016Chandra, PrithaHSSTH 330.322.54 KAU-P
TH-4802Passives in same south asian languages: a comparative investigationSahoo, Anindita2015Chandra, Pritha (Asso. Prof.)HSS811.1/.2 SAH-P
TH-3109Some novel processes and techniques for MEMs design,fabrication and characterizationPal, Prem2004Chandra, Sudhir (Applied Research in Electronic - IIT Delhi )CARE621.382:620.186 PRE-S
TH-3536Preparation and characterization of ferroelectric/piezoeletric thin films of PLZT/Zno and their integration with mems processing.Singh, Ravindra2007Chandra, Sudhir (CARE - IITD )CARE681.7.026.6:621.382 SIN-P.
TH-2554Some aspects of silicon micromachining technology for MEMS application Singh, Janak 1998Chandra, Sudhir ( Applied Research in Electronics - IIT Delhi ) CARE621-493.9 JAN-S
TH-4384Investigation of sputter deposited silicon carbide and aluminum nitride films for mems technologiesSingh, Atul Vir2012Chandra, Sudhir (Prof.) - CARE, IIT Delhi.Bose, G. (Prof.) - CARE, IIT Delhi. CARETH 621.382 SIN -I
TH-4528Sputter deposited dielectric and polysilicon films for mems and microelectronics device prototypingTiwari, Ruchi2013Chandra, Sudhir (Prof.) -CARE, IITDCARETH 621.382 TIW-S
TH-3568Mathematical programming applications in machine learning.Khemchandani, Reshema2008Chandra, Suresh (MA - IIT ) MA510.5 KHE-M
TH-3136Two stage optimization in transportation and assignment problemsSonia2004Chandra, Suresh (Mathematics - IIT Delhi ) MA519.28:656.61 SON-T
TH-3154Fuzzy matrix and bi-matrix gamesVidyottama, Vijay2005Chandra, Suresh (Mathematics - IIT Delhi ) MA519.283 VID-F
TH-2766Mixed duality and mixed symmetric duality in mathematical programming Abha 2000Chandra, Suresh ( Mathematics - IIT Delhi ) MA519.28 ABH-M
TH-1486Fail safe signal processing techniques using microprocessers and application to design and development of route interlocking system for railways Verma, Mukul Ranjan 1987Chandra, Vinod ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621.391.81 VER-F
TH-4742Studies on impairment awareness , power economy and survivability in optical networksPandya, rahul jashvantbhai2015chandra, vinod (prof), IITD chadha, Devi (prof), IITD535.3 PAN-S
th-4087Embodid energy inclusive pay back analysis and CO2 emission of centralized and decentralized power plants:a comparative study.Pandey,Gyanendra Kumar2011Chandra,A,CES,IIT Delhi;Kaushik,S.C,CES,IIT Delhi. ES621.311:504.7 PAN-E
TH- 4090Investigation on fly ashes generated in indian thermal power plantsAndrabi,syed javed ahmad2011Chandra,A,CES,IIT Delhi; ES621.311.23 (540) AND-I
TH-5072Determining influencing factors and predicting dispute outcome of variation claims in Indian construction contractsPatil, Smita Krishnarao2016Chaphalkar, Nitin B.Lyer, K. ChandrashekharCETH 624.01 PAT-D
TH-4379Studies on mechanical properties of laminated bamboo campositesVerma, Chandra Shekhar2012Chariar, V. M. (Assoc. Prof.) - CRDT, IIT Delhi.CRDTTH 691.12 VER-S
TH-4052Design of citizen centric e-Governance approach: a study of select ICT based rural initiativesMalhotra, Charru2010Chariar, V. M. (Assoc. Prof.) - CRDT, IIT Delhi; Das, Lalit K. (Prof.) - IDDC, IIT Delhi; CRDTTH 351:681.3 MAL-D
TH-4215Design and development of waterless urinal systems and nutrient recovery processes from stored urineSakthivel S. Ramesh2012Chariar, V. M. - (Centre for Rural Development and Technology, IIT Delhi) CRDTTH 696.141.2 SAK-D
TH-5451Development of a disaster resilient rural housing frameworkAnand, Mona Chhabra2017Chariar, Vijayaraghavar MCRDTTH 711.3 ANA-D
TH-4677Scientific analysis of select medicinal plants from an ayurvedic perspectiveGanesh, Prabhu V.2015Chariar, Y.M. (Asso. Prof.) -CRDT, IITDJayasundra, Rama (Add.Prof.) -AIIMS, IITDCRDT633.88 GAN-S
TH-1745Some aspects of the effect of D.C. offset voltage control on natural commuted cycloconverter Mittal, Alok Prakash 1987Chaterjee, J.K. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621.314.57 MIT-S
TH-2041Performance evaluation of a noval VAr controller and it's application in brushless stand-alone power generation Ray, K K 1990Chaterjee, J.K. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EERAY-P
TH-3715Steady state analysis of generlized impedance controller (GIC) based brusless generator.Sarkar, Dipandar2006Chatterjee, (EE - IITD )EE621.313.12 SAR-S
TH-3928Performance analysis of direct torque control based induction motor drive with application of carrier space vector pulse width modulation techniquePandya, Saurabh Nandkishor2009Chatterjee, J. K. (Prof.) - EE, IIT Delhi; EETH 621.313.333 PAN-P
TH-4573Investigation on various aspects of generalized impedance controller for voltage and frequency regulation of self-excited induction generatorChauhan, Priyesh Jagdishchandra2012Chatterjee, J. K. (Prof.) -EE, IITDEETH 621.313.1 CHA-I
TH-4720Investigation on some aspects of brushless generation of power using matrix converter from variable speed wind energy sourcesShankar S2015Chatterjee, J. K. (Prof.) -EE, IITDEE621.311.245 SHA-I
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TH-2416Performance evaluation of a solid-state lead-lag var compensator and its application in stand-alone self-excited induction generation Shadhu Khan, Paritosh Kumar 1996Chatterjee, J.K. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621.382 KHA-P
TH-5096Factor- based evaluation for english to hindi machine translationsBalyan, Renu2016Chatterjee, NiladriMATH 81 322.4 BAL-F
TH-3153Contributions to english to hindi machine translation using example-based approachGupta, Deepa2005Chatterjee, Niladri (Mathematics - IIT Delhi ) MA681.3.06:410.28(420:491.43) GUP-
TH-3222Near semirings:theory and applicationsKrishna, K.V.2005Chatterjee, Niladri (Mathematics - IIT Delhi ) MA512.552.7 KRI-N
TH-4609Extractive text summarization using random indexingSahoo, Pramod Kumar2014Chatterjee, Niladri (Prof.) -MA, IITDMATH 519.219 SAH-E
TH-3965Preparation and characterization of U-type hexaferrites for microwave absorptionMeena, Ram Swaroop2010Chatterjee, Ratanamala (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; PHYTH 537-962 MEE-P
TH-2868Study of electronic and magnetic properties of quasicrystals Kanjilal, Aloke 2001Chatterjee, Ratanmala ( Physics - IIT Delhi ) PHY53:548 KAN-S
TH-3458Electrical and magnetic properties of housler alloys.Srivastava, Vijay Kumar2007Chatterjee, Ratnamala (PH - IITD ) PH669.018.5 SRI-E
TH-3069Study of solution grown variable band gap Pbl-x semiconductor nanoparticle films and p-n junctionsJoshi, Rakesh Kumar2004Chatterjee, Ratnamala (Physics - IIT Delhi )PHY537.311.3:62-187 JOS-S
TH-4252Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional magnetic alloy systems in bulk and thin film fromSrivastava, Saurabh Kumar2012Chatterjee, Ratnamala (Department of Physics - IIT Delhi)PHYTH 669.018.5 SRI-S
TH-3847Preparation and characterization of Bi-based ternary oxide systemsSingh, Anupinder2009Chatterjee, Ratnamala (PH - IITD)PHY537.8 SIN-P
TH-3968Synthesis and characterization of multiferroic compositesGupta, Arti(Ms.)2010Chatterjee, Ratnamala (prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; PHYTH 537.622.4 GUP-S
TH-4439Structural and electrical characterization of non lead based oxides near MPBSingh, Amrita2013Chatterjee, Ratnamala (Prof.) - PH, IITDPHYTH 537.212 SIN-S
TH-5002Structural,electrical and magnetic properties of Ni-Mn-Al based intermettalicsSingh, Rohit2016Chatterjee, Ratnamala (Prof.) - PHYPHYTH 537.8:669.055 SIN-S
TH-4208Design and fabrication of mems cantilever and other beam structuresDutta, Shankar2012Chatterjee, Ratnamala - (Department of Physics, IIT Delhi) PHYTH 621.382 DUT-D
TH-5192Charge controlled oscillators and their application in frequency synthesizersKaushik, Roohie2017Chatterjee, ShouriVisweswaran, G. S.EETH 621.316.722 KAU-C
TH-4556Multi-band RF circuits and their applicationsNallam, Nagrajuna2013Chatterjee, Shouri (Asso. Prof.) -EE, IITDEETH 621.396.029 NAL-M
TH-5019Circuits and systems for sub- micro watt energy harvestingChaudhury, Gajendranath Ch2016Chatterjee, Shouri (Associate Prof.) - EEEETH 621.3.049.76 CHA-C
TH-4264Theory, analysis and design of a discrete time parametric amplifier and its variantsKantilal, Shrimali Hiteshbhai2012Chatterjee, Shouri - (Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi) EETH 621.375.7 KAN-T
TH-2997Study on the role of yarn properties in double jersey loopsBhat, Prabhakar2003Chattopadhyay, R ( TT - IITD )Banerjee, P. K. ( TT - IITD ) TT677.061 BHA-S
TH-2829Integrated information management model for textiles Chiplunkar, Chandrashekhar 2001Chattopadhyay, R. ( Textile Technology - IIT Delhi ) Deshmukh, S.G. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi )TT677:658:681.3 CHI-I
TH-2850Application of artificial neural networks for predicting yarn properties and process parameters Guha, Anirban 2002Chattopadhyay, R. ( Textile Technology - IIT Delhi ) Jayadeva ( Electrical Engineering - IIT Delhi )TT677.06:681.3 GUH-A
TH-2609Influence of fibre parameters and turist on friction yarn quality and spinning stability Chakrabarti, Anup Kumar 1998Chattopdhyay, R. ( Textile Technology - IIT Delhi ) TT677.022 CHA-I
TH-1270Role of communications in rural development and dispersal of industries Deo, Pramod Purushottam 1985Chaturvedi ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) CES301.35:621.39 DEO-R
TH-174Characteristics of flows with flexible boundaries Pathak, Santosh Kumar 1972Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) AM532.52 PAT-C
TH-217Three level optimization of an irrigated agricultural growth system Duggal, K N 1975Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) CE626.81:519.28 DUG-T
TH-365Study of induced ground water recharge Srivastava, Vijay Kumar 1976Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) AM627.11/.12 SRI-S
TH-405Mixing of jet in a stream Rema Devi ;Ms.1976Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) AM532 REM-M
TH-566Optimization of complex water resources system by screening simulation model Srivastava, Dinesh Kumar 1976Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) AM627.11/.12 SRI-O
TH-751Systems studies for micro level irrigation water management Khepar, Shankar Das 1980Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) AM626.81/.84 KHE-S
TH-800Dynamic system response of crops for improvement management of irrigation Arya, Yogesh Chandra 1980Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) AM626.85 ARY-D
TH-812Study of some aspects of water resources and agricultural policy of India Singh, Ranvir 1980Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) AM626.8 RAN-S
TH-821A policy study of small-scale industries and government policies with special reference to chemical industry Singh, Lata ;Ms.1980Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) MS65.017.3 LAT-P
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TH-990A study of the determination of wheat crop statistics in India through the utilisation of Landsat Data Munshi, Manosh Kumar 1982Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) AM521.6:633.11 MUN-S
TH-1097Two level multi-objective reconnaissance system study of a large water resource system Chaube, Umesh Chandra 1982Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) AM551.44 CHA-T
TH-1242Modelling integrated operation of multipurpose-multireservoir water resources systems Bhatia, Pankaj Kumar 1984Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) MS628.13 BHA-M
TH-1243Systems studies for large scale multiobjective integrated irrigation management Gupta, Deep Kumar 1984Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) MS626.81 GUP-S
TH-1247System studies for regional environmental resources planning in a developing economy Asthana, Bishambhar Narain 1984Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) MS626.81:338.98 AST-S
TH-1339A systems approach to energy planning in India Sarma, E A Satyanarayana 1986Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) CES620.93.001.1 SAR-S
TH-1352A study of the dynamics of urban-rural imbalances Chaturvedi, Ashok Vardhan 1982Chaturvedi, M.C. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) AM719 CHA-S
TH-2083Spectral characteristics and extreme value analysis for winds in India and codal provisions Sharma, Ved Raj 1993Chaudhary, K.K. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) Seetharamulu, K. ( Civil Engineering - IITD )CESHA-S
TH-3966Preparation and study of transition metal doped titanium dioxide for spintronic applicationsSharma, Sudesh2010Chaudhary, Sujeet (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; Kashyap, Subhash C. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; PHYTH 537.8 SHA-P
TH-4537Spin transport in dualion beam sputtered magnetic tunnel junctions with MgO barrierSingh, Braj Bhusan2013Chaudhary, Sujeet (Prof.) -PHY, IITDPHYTH 537.6/.8 SIN-S
TH-4553Exchange bias invastigations in ion-beam sputtered antiferromagnetic/ ferromagnetic bilayer thin films for spintronicsFulara, Himanshu2014Chaudhary, Sujeet (Prof.) -PHY, IITDKashyap, Subhash C. (Prof.) -PHY, IITDPHYTH 532.62 FUL-E
TH-3293Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of vinyl ester resinsAgarwal, Nimisha2006Chaudhary, Veena (Centre for Polymer Science and Engineering - IIT Delhi )CPSEAGA-S
TH-2896Studies on the copolymerisation of methyl methacrylate with N-Arylitaconimides Anand, Vishal 2002Chaudhary, Veena ( Centre for Polymer Science and Engineering - IIT Delhi ) CPSE678.13:547.29 ANA-S
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TH-5106Mentorship for entrepreneurship development in India: an exploratory studyDeepali2016Chaudhry, HarishJain, Sudhir K.MSTH658.11 DEE-M
TH-5153Customer satisfaction, relationship share and customer attitude in context of customer relationship management: a study of Indian hotelsMaggon, Mohita2017Chaudhry, HarishMSTH 658.818 MAG-C
TH-5297Cause based marketing : identification and assessment of the factors affecting consumers behaviourGupta, Shruti2017Chaudhry, HarishMSTH 658.8.012 GUP-C
th-5415Information security in data centre (government eco-system)Khanna, Seema2017Chaudhry, HarishMSTH 681.3-7 KHA-I
TH-3357Physical modeling and numerical simulation study of line source dispersion in urban street canyons.Awasthi, Seema ; Ms. 2006Chaudhry, K.K. (AM - IITD ) AM614.71:625.712.1 AWA-P.
TH-938Study of the transmission loss of variable diameter,concentric perforated tube,cavity resonator Malhotra, Lokesh Chander 1982Chaudhry, K.K. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) ME534.414 MAL-S
TH-2454Three Dimensional nature of aerodynamic forces on circular cylindrical structures. Garg , Rajeev Kumar 1995Chaudhry, K.K. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) Trikha, D.N. ( Structural Engg. Research Centre - ghaziabad )AM533.6:629.47 GAR-T
TH-3355Investigation of chaperone-mediated folding of moltodextrin glucosidase.Paul, Subhankar2006Chaudhuri, Tapan K. BEB547.963 PAU-I
TH-5141Investigation of the mechanism of minichaperone assisted recombiant protein folding in vivo and in vitroJain, Neha2016Chaudhuri, Tapan K.SBSTH 577.217 JAI-I
th-5427Exploring chaperone and immunogical functions of mycobacterium indicus pran II protein mip--05962Sharma, Ashish2017Chaudhuri, Tapan K.Hasnain,Seyed E.SBSTH 616.002.5 SHA-E
TH-4646Investigation of multi-domain protein folding: identification of refolding intermediates and chaperone groel/groes assisted folding of escherichia coli malate synthase gDahiya, Vinay2014Chaudhuri, Tapan K. (Prof.) -SBS, IITD TH 577.122 DAH-I
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TH-5034Structure-function relation and chaperone assisted folding of maltodextrin glucosidase: a structural biology and protein engineering approachPastor, Ashutosh2016Chaudhuri, Tapan. K.BiologicalTH 577.112.8 PAS-S
TH-1976Hydrocarbons from energy crops Singh, Ritu ;Ms.1992Chaudhury, Ratna ( CES - IITD ) CES620.91 SIN-H
TH-5299Ontology guided framework for multimedia content annotationPahal, Nisha2017Chaudhury, SLall, Brejesh BSTTMTH 681.3.01 PAH-O
TH-4613Some studies on augmented paper systemsBhardwaj, Kavita2014Chaudhury, S. (Prof.) -EE, IITDRoy, S. Dutta (Asso. Prof.) -EE, IITDEETH 681.3 BHA-S
TH-5223Uncalibrated camera based content generation for 3D multi-view displaysSharma, Mansi2017Chaudhury, SantanuLall, BrajeshEETH 681.77 SHA-U
TH-5302Sequential labeling for recognition of image based patternsRay, Anupama2017Chaudhury, SantanuEETH 621.3.017.8 RAY-S
TH-5354Biometrics based cryptosystemBhateja, Ashok Kumar2017Chaudhury, SantanuSaxena, P KFormer Director SAG DRDO New DelhiEETH 57.087.1 BHA-B
TH-5355Improving techniques for accessing content in document image collectionsGarg, Ritu2017Chaudhury, Santanu EETH 681.327.57 GAR-I
TH-2914R-magic-Cooperative agent based architecture for retrieval of multimedia documents distributed over heterogeneous repositories Ghosh, Hiranmoy 2002Chaudhury, Santanu ( Electrical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) EE681.3.02 GHO-R
TH-2397Neural controllers for Robot manipulators. Behra, Laxmidhar 1995Chaudhury, Santanu ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE681.3-52 BEH-N
TH-4156Exploration of multimedia content: an ontology based approachMallik, Anupama2011Chaudhury, Santanu (Prof.) EE, IIT Delhi ; EETH 681.3.01:111.1 MAL-E
TH-4847 Computer aided analysis of handwritten devanagari documents for forensic applicationsYadav, Nivedita2015Chaudhury, Santanu(Prof.), EEKalra, Prem Kumar(Prof.), CSECSE003.336.3 YAD-C
TH-3419Synthesis and studies of ZnO based room temperature ferromagnetic semiconductor systemsBhatti, Kanwal Preet ; Ms. 2007Chaudhury, Sujeet (PHY - IITD )Pandya, D.K. ( PHY - IITD )PHY537.622.6 BHA-S
TH-5320Venom peptide toxin derived cell-penetrating peptides for macromolecule deliveryNisha P.2017Chaugh, ArchanaSBSTH 615.331 NIS-V
TH-3065Studies on the use of reducing sugar as a substitute of sodium sulphide for dyeing of cotton with sulphur dyesVhanbatte, Shirishkumar B.2004Chavan, R.B. (Textile Technology - IIT Delhi )TT677.84:546.22 VHA-S
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TH-916Solvent dyeing of cotton with anionic dyes Rao, J Venkata 1982Chavan, R.B. ( Textile Technology - IITD ) TT677.84:66.062 RAO-S
TH-1062Studies on the dyeing of cotton with reactive dyes from non-aqueous medium Subramanian, A 1983Chavan, R.B. ( Textile Technology - IITD ) TT677.8 SUB-S
TH-1176Studies on saponification of acrylonitrite terpolymer and its application as a thickener in reactive printing Bhatia, Manjeet ;Ms.1984Chavan, R.B. ( Textile Technology - IITD ) Bajaj, P ( Textile Technology - IITD )TT677.846.25 BHA-S
TH-1725Sublimation transfer printing of cotton and polyester/cotton blends with disperse dyes Jain, Anil Kumar 1989Chavan, R.B. ( Textile Technology - IITD ) TT677.047 JAI-S
TH-2093Synthesis of methacrylic acid-ethyl acrylate based thickeners and their application in pigment printing Goyal, Meenakshi ;Ms.1993Chavan, R.B. ( Textile Technology - IITD ) TT677.027.513 GOY-S
TH-2221Studies on printing and dyeing of silk. Nalankilli, G 1994Chavan, R.B. ( Textile Technology - IITD ) TT677.37:677.8 NAL-S
TH-3600Synthesis and applications of calise (4) arena and tetrathiacalise(4) arene derivatives.Singh, Suneel PrataP.2007Chawla, (CHY - IITD )CHY547.562 SIN-S
TH-3788Study on the effects of muscle contraction on the lower extremity response in car-pedestrian crashers.Soni, Anurag2009Chawla, Anoop (ME - IITD )Mukherjee, Sudipto (ME - IITD )ME577.3:629.331 SON-S
Th-4862Methodology for design of vehicle front of an urban car for safety of vulnerable road users/ by Hariharan Sankara SubramanianSubramanian, Hariharan Sankara2015Chawla, Anoop (ME- IIT Delhi)Gohlich, Dietmar (ME- IIT Delhi)Mukherjee, Sudipto (Berlin) ME629.025 SUB-M
TH-3960Repositioning the knee and the hip joints in human body finite element model for impact simulationsJani, Dhaval Ashvinkumar2010Chawla, Anoop (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; Mukherjee, Sudipto (Prof.) - ME, IIT Delhi; METH 611.718 JAN-R
TH-980Hydrogen bonded species of substituted pyridinium salts in non-aqueous media Mehta, Sharad Kumar 1982Chawla, B ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY546.11:547.82 MEH-H
TH-4794Design and synthesis of calixarene based molecular receptors for ionic recognitionTanu Gupta2015Chawla, H M (Prof.) CHYCHY547.582 GUP-D
TH-4734Design and synthesis of calix[4] arene based molecular probesPreeti Goel2015Chawla, H M (Prof.) CHY, IITDCHY547.562 GOE-D
TH-4602Design and synthesis of calixarene based molecular scaffolds for ionic recognitionShukla, Richa2014Chawla, H. M. (Prof.) -CHY, IITDCHYTH 547.4 SHU-D
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TH-3643Studies on novel calix(4) arene based sun-protection agents.Mrig, Sarika2008Chawla, H.M. (CHY - IITD )CHY665.584 MRI-S
TH-3675Studies on organized molecular assemblies and their applications.Bishnoi, Anjali2008Chawla, H.M. (CHY - IITD )CHY543.42 BIS-S
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TH-2798Studies in molecular organization for molecular recognition Santra, Anuradha ;Ms.2001Chawla, H.M. ( Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHY547.562 SAN-S
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TH-3724Prospecting for batanical pesticides:Evaluation of plants extracts for phytochemicals and biological activity.Dhoke, Namerta DiliP.2008Chawla, H.M.CHY (IITD )CHY661.163:633.88 DHO-P.
TH-1550Studies on some Regioselective chemical transformation and phytochemical investigation of Erythrina variegata flowers Sharma, Shiv Kumar 1988Chawla, H.Mohindra ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY546.655 SHA-S
TH-3651Synthesis and applications of colixarene based molecular receptors for molecular recognition.Srivastava, Rahul2008Chawla, H.W. (CHY - IITD )CHY547.564.1 SHR-S
TH-149Optimal rules of numerical integration for analytic functions Raina, Bhushan Lal 1973Chawla, M.M. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA511.6:517.949 RAI-T
TH-281Numerical evaluation of Cauchy-type singular integrals Ramakrishnan, T R 1974Chawla, M.M. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA517.949 RAM-N
TH-284Optimal approximations in Hilbert spaces possessing reproducing Kernel functions Kaul, Veena Kumari ;Ms.1974Chawla, M.M. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA513.882 VEE-O
TH-289Some problems in bivariate interpolation and approximation Jayarajan, N 1974Chawla, M.M. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA512.5:519.28 JAY-S
TH-759Direct methods for the numerical solution of secong order initial value problems and their stability analysis Sharma, Sarjit Rai 1980Chawla, M.M. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA518.6 SHA-D
TH-768Finite difference methods and their convergence analysis for certain two-point boundary value problems Katti, Chittaranjan P 1980Chawla, M.M. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA517.969 KAT-F
TH-1324Numerical methods and their phase-lag analysis for second order periodic initial value problems Rao, P Srinivasa 1986Chawla, M.M. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA517.949 RAO-N
TH-1600Spline approximate methods for certain second order two-point boundary value p[roblems Subramanian, R 1988Chawla, M.M. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA517.94 SUB-S
TH-738Thermal performance of regenerators and waste heat recovery Khandwawala, Asgharali Inayathusain 1980Chawla, O.P. ( ITMMEC - IITD ) ME621.362.004.82 KHA-T
TH-1315Stability of boundary film on metals and metal oxide in piston ring-linear lubricationNarinder Kumar 1986Chawla, O.P. ( ITMMEC - IITD ) Sharma, J.P. (ITMMEC - IITD)ITMMEC621.892.9 KUM-S
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TH-1564Reliability and availability analysis of repairable system using discrete event simulationKurien, K.C. 1988Chawla, O.P. ( ITMMEC - IITD ) G.S. Sekhon (Applied Mechanics - IITD)ITMMEC62.004 KUR-R
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TH-5319Drag reduction in turbulent channel flows by modifying large scales of the flowSood, Ajay Kumar2017Cholemari, Murali RAMTH 532.517 SOO-D
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TH-4455Study on thermal and moisture vapour transmission characteristics of multilayered fabric ensemblesShabaridharan K.2013Das, Apurba (Prof.), IIT Delhi.TTTH 677.054.825 SHA-S
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TH-4109Computational and experimental investigation on the performance and emission parameters of a hydrogen fuelled vehicular engineSubash, G.P.2011Das,L.M. (Prof.), CES, IIT Delhi;ESTH 621.43 SUB-C
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TH-4390Modeling and analyzing web protocols for trust and secrecyKumar, Apurva2012Jalote, Pankaj (Prof.) - CSE, IIT Delhi.CSETh 681.3.01 KUM-M
TH-2863Low-voltage current mode analog circuite structure and their applications Rajput, S.S. 2001Jamuar, S.S. ( Electrical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) EE621.382.2/.3 RAJ-L
TH-939Distortion equalizer for FM demodulators Verma, Umesh Chandra 1982Jamuar, S.S. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621.376.5 VER-D
TH-1750Analysis, synthesis and applications of switched capacitor circuits Gupta, Maneesha 1990Jamuar, S.S. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621.319.4 GUP-A
TH-4600Multirate output functional observer design and its control applicationsSatyanarayana, Neeli2014Janadhanan, S. -EE, IITDEETH 519.216 SAT-M
TH4881Spacecraft attitude control using advanced slding mode control techniques/by Pyare Mohan TiwariTiwari, Pyare Mohan2015Janardhanan, S. (EE- IIT Delhi)Nabi, Mashuq-un (EE- IIT Delhi) EE629.78 TIW-S
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TH-5035ZnO nanostructure reinforced composite fibersRatyakshi2016Jassal, ManjeetAgrawal, Ashwini K.TTxxix, 235p.
TH-5404Stretchable and flexible conductive fibersYadav, Kiran2017Jassal, ManjeetTTTH 677.061 YAD-S
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TH-3396Nonlinear synapse neural network and its applications.Rahman, Syed Atiqur2004Jayadeva, EE (IITD )EE681.3 SYE-N
TH-4467Development of energy based signatures for deciphering prokaryotic genome organizationKhandelwal, Garima2013Jayaram B. (Prof.) - CHY, IIT Delhi.CHYTH 575.113 KHA-D
TH-5199Computer-aided lead molecule identification : some case studies for malaria & neurodegenerative diseasesShandilya, Ashutosh2017Jayaram, BCHYTH 616.836 SHA-C
TH-5289In silico identification of lead molecules for er and nsp2 proteins and intercalators for DNA: some methodological advancementsSoni, Anjali2017Jayaram, BCHYTH 577.122 SON-S
TH-2450Theoretical studies on the energetics of specificity in some protein-DNA systems Arora, Nidhi ;Ms.1997Jayaram, B ( Chemistry,IIT Delhi )CHY547.96:536.7 ARO-T
TH-4736Automating lead moleculediscovery for protein targets via sanjeevini serverSingh, Tanya2015Jayaram, B (Prof.) CHY, IITDCHY547.26 SIN-A
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TH-2926Computational analysis of the binding free energies of protease-inhibitor complexes:implications to drug design Kalra, Parul 2002Jayaram, B. ( Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHY577.16:651.1 KAL-C
TH-2231Poisson-boltzmann studies on some chemical and biochemical systems. Rajasekaran, E 1995JayaRam, B. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY537.2 RAJ-P
TH-3361Computational pathway for bracketing native like tertiary structures from sequence and secondary structural information of small alpha helical globular proteins.Narang, Pooja ; Ms. 2005Jayaram, B. (CHY - IITD )CHY547.964 NAR-C
TH-4647Development of a homology/ AB INITIO hybrid methodology for sampling near native protein conformationsDhingra, Priyanka2014Jayaram, B.(Prof.) -CHY, IITDCHYTH 543.645.6 DHI-D
TH-4664Accelerating lead molecule discovery for protein targets via sanjeevini serverMukherjee, Gautam2014Jayaram, B.(Prof.) -CHY, IITDCHY615.1 MUK-A
TH-3727Method of moments for laminar/turbulent dispersion in curved channel flows.Sushil, Kumar2008Jayaraman, Girija (CAS - IITD )CAS556.153 SUS-M
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TH-183Studies on peroxo compestes of Zirconium Gupta, Gopal Dass 1973Jere, G.V. ( Chemistry - IITD ) CHY546.831 GUP-S
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TH-785Stresses and displacements below foundations Shahi, Ram Naresh 1980Jeyachandran, S.R.K. ( Civil Engineering - IITD ) CE624.043 SHA-S
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TH-223The operation and control of induction motors with special characteristics Singh, B P 1974Jha, C.S. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) Arockiasamy, R. ( IDDC - IITD )EE621.313.13 SIN-O
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TH-5307Determinants of success of public construction projects in ethiopiaSinesilassie, Ephrem Girma2017Jha, K N Tabish, S Z SCETH 69.032.2 SIN-D
TH-5351Development of a frame work for Indian green building rating systemVyas, Gayatri Sachin2017Jha, K NCETH 691.3 VYA-D
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TH-4103Development of bridge health index and framework for maintenance planningWakchaure, Sanjay Sampat2011Jha,K. N. (Prof.), CE, IIT DelhiCETH 624.21 WAK-O
TH-3245Disjoint multipath routing for mobile ad-hoc networksAbbas, Ash Mohammad2005Jian, Bijendra Nath (Computer Science and Engineering - IIT Delhi ) CSE681.3 ABB-D
TH-207Characteristics of atmospheric noise in the evening transition period Agarwala, Ram Autar 1973Joglekar, P.J. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621.391.822 AGA-C
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TH-5380Light manipulation in photonic crystal structures and their applicationsSahoo, Pankaj Kumar2017Joseph, JobyPHYTH 535.3 SAH-L
TH-3023Investigations on neural networks for pattern recognition and three dimensional object shape measurementGanotra, Dinesh2003Joseph, Joby (Physics - IIT Delhi )PHY681.327 GAN-I
TH-3103Investigation on optical image encryption using fourier and fractional fourier domain techniquesNishchal, Naveen Kumar2004Joseph, Joby (Physics - IIT Delhi )PHY535.31:681.188 NIS-I
TH-3888Investigations an high density holographic data storage and content addressable search.Das, Bhargab2010Joseph, Joby ( Physics - IITD )Singh, Kehar ( Physics - IITD ) PHY535:681.3 DAS-I
TH-4253Engineering, analysis, and applications of dynamically reconfigurable complex three dimensional photonic latticesXavier P, Jolly2012Joseph, Joby (Department of Physics - IIT Delhi) PHYTH 535.1 XAV-E
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TH-4795Investigations on improved digital holographic imaging techniquesSamsheerali, P T2015Joseph, Joby (Prof.) PHYPHY535.66 SAM-I
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TH-5383Studies on graphene based thermoplastic polyurethane nanocompositesBansala, Truna2017Joshi, MangalaTTTH 678.073 BAN-S
TH-3137Studies on HDPE/Octamethyl poss based nancomposite filamentsButola, Bhupinder Singh2004Joshi, Mangala (Textile Technology - IIT Delhi )TT678:62-187 BUT-S
TH-3280Studies on antibacterial finishing of cotton textile using neem extractsPurwar, Roli ; MS. 2005Joshi, Mangala (Textile Technology - IIT Delhi )TT677.21.07 PUR-S
TH-4117Synthesis and characterization of chitosan nanoparticle and its application on textiles using layer-by-layer self- assembly approach for antimicrobial activityAli, Md. S. Wazed2011Joshi, Mangala (Prof.) - TT, IIT Delhi; Rajendran, S. ( Sr. Scientist) - IMRI, University of Bolton; TTTH 677:615.33 ALI-S
TH-3307Synthesis of infinite impluse response filter using surface acoustic wave technology. Priyanka ; Ms. 2005Joshi, S.D (EE - IITD )CARE681.586.4 PRI-S
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TH-4841Some studies on signal matched filter banks Fatimah, Binish2015Joshi, S.D.(Prof.), EEEE
TH-3690Signal conditioning based wavelet paeket algorithms for signal and imge compression.Lalit, Kumar2008Joshi, Shiv Dutt (EE - IITD )EE681.327.57 LAL-S
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th-4091Studies on multifunctional polymeric nanocomposites based on polyurethane-hybrid nanographite.Bhattacharyya,Amitava2011Joshi,Mangala,TT,IIT Delhi.TT678:620.3 BHA-S
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TH-3477Dry reforming of methane to synthesis gas over K,Ce,Mn promoted Ni/Al2O3Nandini, A ; Ms. 2007K.K. (CD - IIT Delhi )CHE66.074.31:547.211 NAN-D
TH-2581Authoring computer assisted instruction for higher order learning Khurram, Mustafa 1997K.L., Kumar ( Educational Technology Services Centre - IIT Delhi ) CET378:681.3 MUS-A
TH-3002Simulation of the capture of airborne particles by sprays Anoop Kumar 2002Kale, S.R. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi ) Gupta, S.K. ( Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi )ME62-784.4
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TH-4624Select approaches for green supplier selectionKumar, Amit2014Kale, Sunil R. (Prof.) - ME, IITDMETH 658.5:502.12 AMI-S
TH-4839Suppression of pool fires by water mist in enclosures Gupta, Meenakshi 2015Kale, Sunil R.(Prof.), MERay, Anjan()Prof., MEME328.16.06 GUP-S
TH-2956Nations within and without:study of seven post-Independence Indian English poetsDev, Anjana Neira2003Kallury, Syamala (Humanities and Social Sciences - IIT Delhi )HSS891.4-31:420 DEV-N
TH-4064India imag(in)ed: a study of the representations of history in the narratives of 1857Suman2011Kallury, Syamala (Sr. Scientific Officer-I) - HSS, IIT Delhi; HSSTH 954"1857" SUM-I
TH-4065Gulzar, a poet in popular culture: a critical studyBashir, Saba Mahmood2011Kallury, Syamala (SSO) - HSS, IIT Delhi; HSSTH 82-1 BAS-G
TH-5127Realistic simulation and rendering of corroded objectsJain, Nisha2016Kalra, PremKumar, SubodhCSETH 681.516.42 JAI-R
TH-3286A framework for view-dependent character animationChaudhuri, Parag Kumar2005Kalra, Prem K. (Computer Science and Engineering - IIT Delhi )Banerjee, Subhasis ( Computer Science and Engineering - IIT Delhi ) CSE681.134.2 CHA-F
TH-5371Catalytic conversion of bio-oil by steam reforming to hydrogenMittal, Ritesh2017Kamal K. Pant CHETH 662.6 MIT-C
TH-186Some problems of information transmission over discrete memorylesschannels Singh, Samar 1973Kambo, N.S. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA519.2 SIN-S
TH-1111Stable methods for second order ordinary differential equations Goel, Rakesh 1984Kambo, N.S. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA517.93 GOE-S
TH-1594Single and double stage shrunken estimators Hamid A-Hemyari, Zuhaira 1988Kambo, N.S. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA519.28 HAM-S
TH-1777Linear goal programming model for urban energy-economy environment interaction in the city of Delhi Bose, Ranjan Kumar 1990Kambo, N.S. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA519.863:620.9 BOS-L
TH-2113Studies to improve the effectiveness of freight trains in the context of Indian Railways Sibal, Vinod Kumar 1993Kanda, Arub ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) ME629.46 SIB-S
TH-3502Integrative framework for supply chain coordinationKaur, Arshinder ; Ms. 2007Kanda, Arun (ME - IIT Delhi )ME65.012.11.2
TH-3432Performance evalvation of software quality:a select study.Shankar, R.2007kanda, Arun (ME - IITD )ME681.3.06:621 SHA-P.
TH-3604Study of supply chain management practices in small and medium scale enterprises(SMES):a CASE OF INDIAN MANUFACTURING.Thakkar, Jitesh J.2008Kanda, Arun (ME - IITD )ME658.8.011.1(540) THA-S
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TH-3105Quality and knowledge management practices in the Indian tyre industryJanardan, M.2003Kanda, Arun (Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi )ME658.562:629.012.5 JAN-Q
TH-3272Multi-project Scheduling with resource transfersMittal, Murari Lal2005Kanda, Arun (Mechanical Engineering - IIT Delhi )ME658.513 MIT-M
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TH-1509Design and performance evaluation of linear solar concentrator-photovoltaic systems Sharan, Shivendra Nath 1987Kandpal, T.C. ( CES - IITD ) CES536.2 SHA-D
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TH-2447Financial evaluation of renewable energy technologies for cooking,lighting and water pumping in rural areas Seemin Rubab ;Ms.1996Kandpal, T.C. ( CES - IITD ) CES620.91:330.19 RUB-F
TH-2524Energy demand of some manufacturing industries in India and associated CO2 emissions Das, anjana ;Ms.1997Kandpal, T.C. ( CES, IIT Delhi )CES620.92:338.7(540) DAS-E
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TH-3145Measurement and assessment of air pollutants from biomass gasifier based systemsUma, R.2004Kandpal, Tara Chandra (Centre for Energy Studies - IIT Delhi )CES662.74:628.52 UMA-M
TH-3148Study and analysis of financial and fiscal incentives for solar energy technologies in IndiaChandrasekar, B.2005Kandpal, Tara Chandra (Centre for Energy Studies - IIT Delhi )CES620.91:336.2 CHA-S
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TH-4025Assessment and evaluation of photovoltaic systems for rural lighting in IndiaChaurey, Akanksha2010Kandpal, Tara Chandra (Prof.) - CES, IIT Delhi;ESTH 621.47 CHA-A
TH-2982Geotechnical characterization,strength and flexural behavior of fly ashes stabilized with cement and randomly oriented discrete fibresGayathri, V.2003Kaniraj, S.R. (Civil Engineering - IIT Delhi )CE624.13:662.613 GAY-G
TH-2691Geotechnical characterisation strength and erasion aspects of flyash-soil mixtures Havanagi, Vasant G. 1999Kaniraj, S.R. ( Civil Engineering - IIT Delhi ) CE662.613.13 HAV-G
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th-5454Studying the effect of endoplastic reticulum stress on myostatin induced muscle wastingSachdev, Rishibha2017Kundu, Bishwajit METH 576.311.33 SAC-S
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TH-4850 Morphological thermo-mechanical and fracture performance of polyamide-612/poly(ethylene-co-octene) elastomer blends and Halloysite nanotube filled ternary nanocompositesKumar, Sunil2015maiti, S.N.(Prof.), CPSESatapathy, B.K.(prof.), CPSECPSE678.074 KUM-M
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TH-5173Development and impact performance analysis of shear thickening fluid ttreated 2D and 3D fabric structuresLaha, Animesh 2017Majumdar, AbhijitTTTH 677.017.3: 620.18 LAH-D
TH-4843Fabric engineering for ultraviolet radiation protectionHatua, Piyali2015Majumdar, Abhijit(Prof), TTDas, Apurba(Prof.), TTTT677.021.1 HAT-F
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TH-5095Photobioreactor design and development for simultaneous wastewater treatment and CO2 sequestraionChawla, Pushap2016Malik, AnushreeSreekrishnan, T. R.CRDTTH 602.42-7 CHA-P
TH-5206Botanical formulations for the management of important selected pests-termites, aphids and fungiVerma, Sharad2017Malik, AnushreeSharma, SatyawatiCRDTTH 532.9 VER-B
TH-5282Development of botanical formulations for indoor pest controlChauhan, Nitin2017Malik, AnushreeSharma, SatyawatiCRDTTH 661.16 CHA-D
TH-5414Development of algal biofilm reactor for wastewater treatment integrated with hydropyrolysis for asustainable biorefinerChoudhary, Poonam2017Malik, AnushreePant, Kamal K.CRDTTH 628.33 CHO-D
th-5420Bioremediatioa of metal contaminants under metal pesticide matrixDey, Priyadarshini2017Malik, AnushreeSingh, Daleep KumaCRDTTH 628.515 DEY-B
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TH-4438Development of fungal formulations for house fly controlSapna2013Malik, Anushree (Assoc. Prof.) - CRDT, IIT Delhi.CRDTTH 663.18 SAP-D
th-5459Terahertz radiation generation for medical applicationsGill, Reenu2017Malik, HitendraPHYTH 613.648 GIL-T
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TH-829A study of some cognitive and socio-emotional variables in socioeconomically disadvantaged children Kaul, Venita ;Ms.1981Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) Dharan, R.Murali ( Child Study Unit - N.C.E.R.T. New Delhi )HSS362.7 KAU-S
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TH-1041Factors related to creativity Sharma, Kusum ;Ms.1982Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS159.954 SHA-F
TH-1048A longitudinal study of the developmental dynamisms of low birth weight (LBW) from 8 to 10 years of age Datta, Ira ;Ms.1982Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) Bhargava, S.K. ( Pediatrics Deptt. - Safdarjung Hospital,Delhi )HSS612.394 DAT-L
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TH-1134Factors related to employee performance: a study in Library organisations Bhooshan Lal 1984Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS65.015.2:02 BHO-F
TH-1166Relationship of job involvement to perceived importance, satisfaction of employee needs and background factors Mehra, Kul Bhushan 1984Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS658.3.054.8 MEH-R
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TH-1390Factors related to organisational effectiveness: A study based on special and academic libraries Saha, Karuna ;Ms.1986Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS658.013 SAH-F
TH-1521Perception of quality of working life and the related factors- A study of women workers in construction industry Mathur, Ravindra Nath 1986Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS658.3-055.2 MAT-P
TH-1538Quality of working life: A focus on teachers in special education Paranjpa, Sandhya 1987Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS331.8 PAR-Q
TH-1557Role of maternal interaction in early childhood development: An emperical study Bhanot, Suman Lata ;Ms.1988Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS362.7 BHA-R
TH-1566Work alternation: A motivational approach Bakshi, Radha Pyari ;Ms.1987Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS331.98 BAK-W
TH-1589Innovative and adaptive behaviour in relation to some personality and background factors Anamika ;Ms.1988Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS658.3-05 ANA-I
TH-1615Psychosocial factors and managerial effectiveness: a study of public and private sector Chauhan, Poonam S 1988Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS658.3 CHA-P
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TH-1732Factors related to accidents among industrial worker Paliwal, Arun Kumar 1988Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS368.413.1 PAL-F
TH-1771Factors related to managerial effectiveness Prataprudra Parida 1989Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS659.441.3 PRA-F
TH-1775Processed food industry: determinants of it's growth and consumers perceptions of it's use Sinha, Anvita 1989Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS664.8.03 SIN-P
TH-1787Dimensions of giftedness focus on personality and background factors Jaiman, Shakuntla S 1989Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS159.922.22 JAI-D
TH-1802Evaluation of Indian R and D in relation to import substitution strategy and related factors Gautam, Sandhya 1989Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS364.463 GAU-E
TH-1803A view of mind Sharma, Hari Shankar 1988Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS165.15 SHA-V
TH-1863Educational provisions at higher secondary stage in the perspective of national development goals and related programmes: a Delhi study Srivastava, Madhulika ;Ms.1989Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS372 SRI-E
TH-1919Dimensions of organisational communication: focus on five mining industries in public sector Ramaswamy, A 1991Mathur, Purnima ( Humanities and Social Sciences - IITD ) HSS351.81 RAM-D
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TH-2552Successful entrepreneurial profiles- a comparative study Arora(nee Kapoor), Avantika ;Ms.1996Mathur, Purnima; Ms. ( Humanities and Social Sciences,IITD )HSS658.3-05 ARO-S
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TH-4558Traffic congestion measurement and mitigation on urban arterialsRao, A. Mohan2013Rao, Kalaga Ramachandra (Asso. Prof.) CE, IITDCE.TH 656.07 RAO-T
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TH-12Application of tunnel diodes to power system protection Paithankar, Y G 1967Ray, J.M. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621.385.2 PAI-A
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TH-2404Space-time modelling of groundwater with assistance from remote sensing Vijay Kumar 1996Remadei; Ms. ( Civil Engineering - IITD ) CE556.31 VIJ-S
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TH-5305Study on antibiotic resistance transmission and proliferation in Delhi and development of possible mitigation strategyLamba, Manisha2017Shaikh, Z ACBMETH 615.331 LAM-S
TH-2943Measurement/Monitoring of vibrations using digital speckle pattern interferometryRajesh Kumar2003Shakhar, Chandra (Instrument Design Development Centre - IIT Delhi )IDDC620.178.3:535.417 RAJ-M
TH-5038Digital holographic interferometry for the measurement of temperature profile, heat dissipation and contouringKumar, Varun2016Shakher, ChandraIDDCTH 778.38 KUM-D
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TH-5398Framework development for food safety in India select issuesShukla, Seema2017Shankar, RaviSingh, S PTH 664.8.022 SHU-P
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TH-5216Development of biodiesel byproducts based bio-pesticidal formulationsPant, Megha2017Sharma, SatyawatiCRDTTH 662.756.3 PAN-D
TH-5262Exploration of the parthenium hysterophorus biomass for production of laccase and bioethanolAdak, Anurup2017Sharma, SatyawatiLataCRDTTH 547.458.84 ADA-E
TH-5342Development of microbial formulations for production of compost to be used for plant growth and disease managementPathak, Ritika2017Sharma, Satyawati Prasad, RajendraCRDTTH 628.472 PAT-D
th-5465Promotion of panicum maximum jaco growth by employing beneficial acc deaminase containing rhizobacterial inoculants for fodder and bioethanol productionTiwari, Garima2017Sharma, SatyawatiPrasad, RajendraHariprasad PCRDTTH 577.15 TIW-P
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TH-5304Investigations on wind based microgrid with seamless transition between grid tied and islanding modesPathak, Geeta2017Singh, BhimPanigrahi, B KEETH 621.316 PAT-I
TH-5333Design and development of solar pv fed bldc moter drives for water pumpingKumar, Rajan2017Singh, BhimEETH 621.383.51 KUM-D
TH-5353Design and development of improved power quality converters fed led driver for led lightingJha, Aman Kumar2017Singh, BhimIDDCTH 621.3.032.3 JHA-D
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TH-4769Analysis design and control of doubly fed induction generator for wind energy conversion systemsNaidu, N krishna Swami2015singh, Bhim (prof), IITDEE620.91 NAD-A
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TH-4515Control algorithms and configrartion of distribution static compensatorsArya, Sabha Raj2013Singh, Bhim( Prof.) EE ,IITDEETH 681.5:510.5 ARY-C
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TH-5041Development and evaluation of biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles for chemo and peptide delivery in cancer therapySinha, Raj Kumar2016Singh, HarpalBEBTH 616-006.6:502.174.2 SIN-D
TH-5058Development of biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles for concomitant delivery of paclitaxel and oncogenic peptide for cancer therapyGupta, Dikshi2016Singh, HarpalKharbanda, SurendraBEBTH 616.006 GUP-D
TH-5138Development of polymer-peptide-plasmid DNA dual nanoparticles for cancer therapyShukla, Vasundhara2016Singh, HarpalGanguli, MuniaCBMETH 616.006.6:678.86 SHU-D
TH-5300Development of polyacrylonitrile copolymers for detection and mitigation of pathogenic bacteriaKaur, Avneet2017Singh, HarpalCBMETH 616.022 KAU-D
TH-5347Design and development of polyhydroxybutyrate based biodegradable nanoparticles for delivery of anticancer agentsKapoor, Sumeetx2017Singh, HarpalMisra, M MCBMETH 616.006.8 KAP-D
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TH-3475Development of indire containing antimicrobial polymers for water disinfection and biomedical application.Punyani, Supriya2006Singh, Harpal (CBME - IITD )CBME615.28:546.15 PUN-D
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TH-3787Development of conducting polymer based nucleic acid biosensors.Prabhakar, Nirmal2008Singh, Harpal (CBME - IITD )Malhotra, B.D. (Scientist) - NPL, New Delhi CBME577.12 PRA-D
TH-1772Development and modification of biostable sutures Tyagi, Permod Kumar 1990Singh, Harpal ( CBME - IITD ) CBME572.723 TYA-D
TH-4276Development of bioconjugated quantum dots for cancer imaging and detectionSingh, Gurpal2012Singh, Harpal (Centre for Biomedical Engineering - IIT Delhi)Sapra, Sameer (Department of Chemistry - IIT Delhi) CBMETH 616-006 SIN-D
TH-4329Development of nanoplatforms for cancer diagnosis and therapyKumar, Manoj2012Singh, Harpal (Centre for biomedical Engineering, IIT Delhi)Dinda, A. K. (Department of Pathology, IIT Delhi) CBMETH 616-006.6 KUM-D
TH-4006Development of 17-a-hydroxy progesterone immunoassay using different spacers in immunogen and enzyme conjuganeTripathi, Vinay2010Singh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi;Shrivastav, T. G. (Prof.) - NIHFW, New Delhi; CBMETH 615.37 TRI-D
TH-4007Development of polymeric matrices and fluorsent nanoparticles for immuno-based detection of pathogenic bacteriaJain, Swati2010Singh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi; CBMETH 616-022 JAI-D
TH-4008Development of polymeric matrices for immuno-based detection of salmonella typhi in waterJackeray, Richa2010Singh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi; Shrivastav, T. G. (Prof.) - NIHFW, New Delhi; TH 616-022 JAC-D
TH-4009Development of polymeric nano and microparticles for insulin deliveryTomar, Lomas2010Singh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi;Lahiri, S. S. (Prof.) - Instt. of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sc., N. Delhi; CBMETH 616.379-008.64 TOM-D
TH-4010Studies on the development of polyester scaffolds by radiation grafting for tissue engineeringGrover, Navdeep2010Singh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi;Gupta, Bhuvanesh (Prof.) - TT, IIT Delhi;CBMETH 57.086.8 GRO-S
TH-4121Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of poly (ethylene glycol) based polymeric systems for tuberculosis and cancer therapyKakkar, Dipti 2011Singh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi; Mishra, Anil K. (Scientist F & Joint Director ) - Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences, DRDO Delhi; CBMETH 616-002.5 KAK-S
TH-4855 Development of serodiagnostic methods for detection of mycobacterium tuberculosisKhanna, Alka2015Singh, Harpal(Prof.), CBESharma, Pawan(Prof.)CBME578.81 KHA-D
TH-4015Investigation of mechanical behaviour of hybrid polymer nanocompositesShrivastava, Sanjeev Kumar2010Singh, I. P. (Assoc. Prof.) - IDDC, IIT Delhi; IDDCTH 678.01:620.3 SHR-I
TH-5411Study of Ag nanostructured surface enhanced raman spectroscopy substrates fabricated by glancing angle deposition and their biosensingKumar, Samir2017Singh, J PPHYTH 535.371 KUM-S
TH-3975Structural, optical and gas sensing properties of indium oxide nanostructures grown by thermal chemical vapor deposition techniqueMukesh Kumar2010Singh, J. P. (Assoc. Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; Mehta, B. R. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; PHYTH 537.311 MUK-S
TH-3977Effect of ion irradiation on mechanical properties of nanostructures investigated by force-distance spectroscopy and nanoindentationNagar, Rupali2010Singh, J. P. (Associ. Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; Mehta, B. R. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi; PHYTH 620.3:620.17 NAG-E
TH-4466Sculptured silver thin films by glancing angle deposition: synthesis, wetting behavior and surface enhanced fluorescence studySingh, Dhruv Pratap2013Singh, J. P. (Prof.) - PH, IIT Delhi.PHYTH 535.371 SIN-S
TH-5134Design and synthesis of heteroatomic organothiosubstituted 1,2,3-triazole based organic conors and their interactive behaviour with d10 metal ionsYadav, Mantesh Kumari2016Singh, Jai DeoCHYTH 547.79 YAD-D
TH-3050Design,synthesis and characterization of novel heterofunctionalized tetrathiafulvalene derivativesSingh, Jagat2003Singh, Jai Deo (Chemistry - IIT Delhi )CHY541.5 JAG-D
TH-3185Design,synthesis and structural aspects of chalcogen bearing multifuctional organic donors and their applicationsNaveen Kumar2005Singh, Jai Deo (Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHYTH 541.5 NAV-D
TH-3219Studies on multifunctional organo-chalcogen donors with variable donor ability and their reactivitySokhi, Sarbjot Singh2005Singh, Jai Deo (Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHYTH 541.5 SOK-S
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TH-3481Design,synthesis and structural aspects of polyfunctional organoselenium species and their applicationsMaheshwari, Monika ; Ms. 2007Singh, Jai Deo (CHY - IITDelhi )CHY547.123 MAH-D
TH-2817Organochalcogen (selenium and tellurium) based novel designer ligends-synthesis, characterization and reactivities towards d8 and d10 metal (II) ion species Milton, Marilyn Daisy 2001Singh, Jai Deo ( Chemistry - IIT Delhi ) CHY541.5 MIL-O
TH-4259Design and synthesis of polyorganosulfur species and their exceptional coordination behavior with d10 metal ionsNeeru2012Singh, Jai Deo (Department of Chemistry - IIT Delhi)CHYTH 546.22 NEE-D
TH-3521Design, systhsis and structural aspects of sterically encumbered organoselenium derivatives and their protential application.Khan, Shabana2008Singh, Jai Dev (CHY - IITD )CHY547.1'123:543.06 KHA-D
TH-5239Synthesis of heteroatomic organosulfur derivatives and their response towards Ag(I), Zn(II),Cd(II) and Hg(II) ionsBaliyan, Anuj Kumar2017Singh, Jal DeoCHYTH 547.54 BAL-S
TH-5070Validation of positive psychological interventions for Indian school studentsKhanna, Pulkit2016Singh, KamleshHSSTH 37.015.3:005.32 KHA-V
TH-4476Impect of a buddhist practice on psychological well-being and related factors of positive psychology: a transnational comparisonSachar, Roshni2013Singh, Kamlesh (Asso. Prof.) -HSS, IIT Delhi. Khurana Amulya (Prof.Retd) -HSS, IIT Delhi.HSSTH 159.9 SAC-I
TH-4366Assessment and enhancement of well-being of married migrant women in selected villages of HaryanaDangi, Sonika2012Singh, Kamlesh (Assoc. Prof.) - HSS, IIT Delhi.HSS305-055.2 (545.2) DAN-A
TH-4124Enhancing college students wellbeing through a web based intervention module: An empirical investigationChoubisa, Rajneesh2011Singh, Kamlesh (Asstt. Prof.)) - HUSS, IIT Delhi; HSSTH 159.9.072 CHO-E
TH-3723A study of cultural orientation and psychological attributes of college students and teachers across northern India.Jha, Shalini Duggal.2009Singh, Kamlesh (Ms.) ( HSS - IITD )HSS159.9.072(545) JHA-S
TH-3218Investigations on content-addressable holographic memories and optical data securityJohn, Renu ; Ms. 2005Singh, Kehar (Physics - IIT Delhi ) PHYTH 535.4 JOH-I
TH-2590Investigations on some architectures and algorithms for joint transform correlation in optical pattern recognition Gour, Shyam Pati 1998Singh, Kehar ( Physics - IIT Delhi ) PHY681.327.57:510.5 GOU-I
TH-2754Some Investigation on photo-refractive speckle metrology Dharmsaktu, K.S. 2000Singh, Kehar ( Physics - IIT Delhi ) PHY535.4 DHA-S
TH-2816Investigations on some algorithms and architectures for optical encryption sucking Unnikrishanan, G. 2001Singh, Kehar ( Physics - IIT Delhi ) PHY681.3-053 UNN-I
TH-1852Photorefractive two-wave and four-wave mixings in dynamic holography;numerical modeling of amplification and phase-conjunction Das, Tapas Kumar 1991Singh, Kehar ( Physics - IITD ) PHY535.42 DAS-P
TH-1927Real time image processing using photorefractive non-linear wave mixing in BaTio3 and BGO crystals Joseph, Joby 1992Singh, Kehar ( Physics - IITD ) PHYTH 681.327.57 JOS-R
TH-2026Cross and parallel polarization coupling and higher-order self-diffraction in photorefractive crystals;numerical modeling of two and four-wave mixing Roy, Amitava 1992Singh, Kehar ( Physics - IITD ) PHY535.5 ROY-C
TH-2089Investigations on bleached phase holograms: diffraction efficiency,scattering and stability Sanjay Kumar 1993Singh, Kehar ( Physics - IITD ) PHY535.4 SAN-I
TH-2195Imaging of extended objects using holographic lenses afflicted with third order aberrations: numerical investigations. Baskar, S. 1993Singh, Kehar ( Physics - IITD ) PHYTH 535.821 BAS-I
TH-2367Investigations on non-liner wave-mixing techniques in photorefractive crystals for optical computing and image processing applications Kamra, Kanwal ;Ms.1996Singh, Kehar ( Physics - IITD ) PHY535.2:517.93:681.3 KAM-I
TH-866A biochemical study of lubrication mechanism in human joints Krishna Manohar 1980Singh, M.P. ( CAS - IITD ) MA616.72:577.1 KRI-B
TH-1011On tropical resonance and predictability Raghava, Ramesh Chand 1983Singh, M.P. ( CAS - IITD ) CAS551.51 RAG-O
TH-1370Numerical modelling of oxygen and carbon dioxide transport in the pulmonary circulation Aminataei, Azim 1986Singh, M.P. ( CAS - IITD ) CAS611.24:519.28 AMI-N
TH-A study of diffusion and entrance flow problems relevant to the biological system Aggarwal, Meena ;Ms.1977Singh, M.P. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA
TH-69Effects of slip,suction,rotation and magnetic field on flow and heat transfer problems. Gulati, S. ;Ms.1967Singh, M.P. ( Mathematics - IITD ) MA532.58 GUL-E
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TH-1913Some studies in air pollution meterology Nigam, Sunit Kumari ;Ms.1991Singh, M.P. ( Mathematics - IITD ) CAS628.52 NIG-S
TH-933Finite element analysis of mass transfer in creeping fluid flow through tubes: application to blood flow Pawan Kumar 1982Singh, M.P.dCASs( IITD ) CAS612.1:517.949 KUM-F
TH-998Some numerical experiments for the stimulation of the atmospheric and oceanic circulations Upadhyaya, H C 1982Singh, M.P.dCASs( IITD ) CAS551.51 UPA-S
TH-1079Theoretical studies on flow problems in physiological fluid dynamics Anil Kumar 1981Singh, M.P.dCASs( IITD ) CAS532.5 ANI-T
TH-1284Certain dynamical aspectsof monsoon circulation and its prediction Datta, Rattan K. 1983Singh, M.P.dCASs( IITD ) CAS551.578.1 DAT-C
TH-1378Some need based mathematical dispersion models for air pollution studies with special reference to scavenging models Ghosh, Satyajit 1986Singh, M.P.dCASs( IITD ) CAS614.71:519.28 GHO-S
TH-1401Study of pollutant dispersal in urban terrains Manju Kumari ;Ms.1986Singh, M.P.dCASs( IITD ) CAS628.51 MAN-S
TH-1443On certain aspects of short range numerical weather prediction over India with a multi-level; limited area primitive equation model Paliwal, Rajendra Kumar 1987Singh, M.P.dCASs( IITD ) CAS551.509 PAL-O
TH-1809Certain aspects of tropical cyclones and special features of monsoon over Indian region Gupta, Gurmukh Ram 1990Singh, M.P.dCASs( IITD ) CAS551.515.2 GUP-C
TH-1834Mathematical modelling of gas transport in the circulatory systems Selvakumar, S 1990Singh, M.P.dCASs( IITD ) CAS615.23 SEL-M
TH-2052Mathematical models to study atmospheric dispersion of denser than air toxic materials for estimating vulnerable zones Panwar, Trilok Singh 1992Singh, M.P.dCASs( IITD ) CAS551.521.3 PAN-M
TH-5032Synthesis, characterization and the catalytic activity of new covalent metalloporphyrin frameworksSingh, Manoj kumar2016Singh, Manoj kumarCHYTH 544.47 SIN-S
TH-1380Some studies in the design of a two-echelon repair-inventory system in the presence of forbidden regions Seshasayee, K R 1986Singh, Nanua ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) ME658.78 SHE-S
TH-1428Some studies in lot sizing for material requirements planning systems Naidu, M Munirathnam 1986Singh, Nanua ( Mechanical Engineering - IITD ) ME658.78 NAI-S
TH-1346Professionalisation of management: an analysis of the management structure of the Indian corporate enterprises Chakravarthy, S. 1986Singh, Prithpal ( Department of Management Studies - IITD ) MS658.1 CHA-P
TH-1607Primary health care monitoring and evaluation system-an integrated data management model in Indian environment BaNOTRA, kANWAL Dev 1989Singh, Prithpal ( Department of Management Studies - IITD ) MS361.1:681.3 BAN-P
TH-1798Study of relationships between changing technology and management in a telecommunications organisation Vijay Kumar 1989Singh, Prithpal ( Department of Management Studies - IITD ) MS654:364.124 VIJ-S
TH-1705Determinants of organization effectiveness: case study of R and D groups Krishnaniah, V Siva Rama 1989Singh, Prithpal( IITD ) MS65.011 KRI-D
th-5457Counterproductive work behaviour : antecedents, context and consequencesJain, Niha2017Singh, Purnima HSSTH 331.1 JAI-C
TH-4852 Exploring the experience of stigma in three sexual minorities in indiaSrivastava, Sanchita2015Singh, Purnima(Prof.), HSSHSS392.6(540) SRI-E
TH-761Geometrical design and performance studies of linear solar concentrator systems Kandpal, Tara Chandra 1980Singh, R.N. ( Physics - IITD ) PHY535.31 KAN-G
TH-1263Fatigue behaviour of offshore steel jacket platforms Gupta, Ashok 1985Singh, R.P. ( Civil Engineering - IITD ) CE620.178.3 GUP-F
TH-2054Dynamic behaviour floating production platform Verma, Jitendra 1990Singh, R.P. ( Civil Engineering - IITD ) CEVER-D
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TH-5338Formation and characerization of GaN nanowires and study of their photoconduction propertiesKumar, Mukesh2017Singh, RajandraKumar, VikramPHYTH 621.382.3:620.3 KUM-F
TH-5071Electrical transport and low frequency noise studies on GaN based bulk and nanoscale devicesKumar, Ashutosh2016Singh, RajendraKumar, VikramPHYTH 537.311.322 KUM-E
th-5473Investigation of pedot : pss/si heterojunctions and grsphene/si schottky diodes for potential application in photovoltaiPathak. Chandra Shakher2017Singh, RajendraPHYTH 537.533 PAT-I
TH-4830Groth and characterization of beta ga2o3 nanostructures using cvd technique for applications in nanodevices Kumar, Sudheer2015Singh, Rajendra (Ass.Prof) PHYPHY537.311.322 KUM-G
TH-4821 Studies on mocvd groth of self-catalyzed single crystalline aigaas nanowires and nanostructuresBag, Rajesh Kumar2015Singh, Rajendra (Asso. P) PHYPandya, D K (Prof.) PHYPHY621.37 BAG-S
TH-4442Study of GaN based schottky barrier diodes and the effect of swift heavy ion irradiation on their electrical propertiesKumar, Ashish2013Singh, Rajendra (Assoc. Prof.) - PH, IITDPHYTH 621.385.2 KUM-S
TH-4347Investigation of blistering and exfoliation phenomena in hydrogen implanted semiconductors for potential layer transfer applicationsDadwal, Uday2012Singh, Rajendra - (Department of Physics, IIT Delhi)Chandra, Sudhir - (Centre for Applied Research in Electronics, IIT Delhi) CARETH 620.192.3 DAD-I
TH-5390Asymmetric vinylogous michael reaction, stereoablative o-arylation, alkylation and vinylogous nucleophilic substitutionJadhav, Amol P.2017Singh, Ravi P.CHYTH 547.1 JAD-A
TH-4787Interval analysis approach to study the dynamics and active vibration control of structures with uncertainties and weal non-linearitiesChennuri, Sukesh Babu2015Singh, S P (Prof.) MEDutt, J K (Prof.) MEME621.03 CHE-I
TH-3900Flow characteristics of double concentric jets.Taruacha, R. S.2009Singh, S. N. ( AM - IITD )Rai, Lajpat ( Mech & Automobile Engineering Institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon )ME621.438 TRA-F
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TH-5225Development of models and meta-heuristics for stochastic dynamic facility layoutTayal, Akash2017Singh, S. P.MSTH 519.21:004.023 TAY-D
TH-4655Dynamic mechanical modeling for characterization of carbon nanotube/ polypropylene nanocompositesMandal, Apurba2014Singh, S. P. (Prof.) -ME, IITDPrasad, R. (Prof.) -AM, IITDMETH 620.3:546.26 MAN-D
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TH-3718Studies on the flow characteristics of a stepped conicl differ with passive suction.Sen, Saibal2008Singh, S.N. (AM - IITD ) AM532.5:681.3 SEN-S
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TH-126Creep strength of saturated clays Kulkarni, Raghunath Purushottam 1969Singh, Saranjit ( Civil Engineering - IITD ) CE624.131.221:620.17 KUL-C
TH-5295Dyanamic sustainable procurement problem : Models and methodologiesKaur, Harpreet2017Singh, Surya PrakashMSTH 658.7 KAU-D
TH-5036System modeling for security and sustainability in Indian energy sector: select issuesSoni, Vivek2016Singh, Surya Prakash.Banwet, Devinder KumarMSTH 658.26(540) SON-S
TH-1985Real time intelligent distributed control systems Nesar Ahmed 1992Singh, Y.P. ( Electrical Engineering - IITD ) EE621.39.665 AHM-R
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TH-3947Static and dynamic analysis of functionally graded plates and shells under aero-thermo-mechanical loadsPrakash, T.2010Singha, M. K. (Assistant prof.) - AM, IIT Delhi; Ganapathi, M. (Functional head) - BAIC, Bangalore; AMTH 620.1:533.6.011.6 PRA-S
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TH-5208Development of optoelectronic techniques for recognition and encryption in biometric based security systemsVerma, Gaurav2017Sinha, AlokaPHYTH 537.533 VER-D
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TH-4451Investigations on biometric based information security systemsSaini, Nirmala2013Sinha, Aloka (Assoc. Prof.), IIT Delhi.PHYTH 57.087.1:681.3-7 SAI-I
TH-3138Numerical modeling of coastal and estuarine flow studies in IndiaJena, Gagan Kumar2005Sinha, P.C. (Centre for Atmospheric Science - IIT Delhi )CAS551.351:532.5:519.28 JEN-N
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TH-1864Numerical simulation of tidally induced flow along India coastal regions Mitra, Ashis Kumar 1990Sinha, P.C.dCASs( IITD ) CAS551.466 MIT-N
TH-3785Behaviour of interlocking grouted stabilised brick masonary under cyclic and fatigue loading.Nazar, Maqsud E.2005Sinha, S.N. (CE - IITD ) CE624.012.8 NAZ-B
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TH-1788Behaviour of plates with folded stiffeners Ragtah, Praveen Chander 1989Sinha, S.N. ( Civil Engineering - IITD ) CE624.073 RAG-B
TH-1859Behaviour of infilled frames under cyclic loads Choubey, Uday Bhanu 1990Sinha, S.N. ( Civil Engineering - IITD ) Sharma, K.G. ( Civil Engineering - IITD )CE624.046 CHO-B
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TH-5292Alternate design in ultrasound transient elastography system for detection of brest cancerRaj, J Jean Rossario2017Sneh AnandRahman, SMK Bio medicTH 616.006.8 RAJ-A
TH-1474Lead toxicity and its biological correlates Karmakar, Nivedita ;Ms.1987Sneh Anand ( CBME - IITD ) CAS661.852 KAR-L
TH-1795Cerebral and extracranial correlates of intracranial forces Sharma, Jitendra 1988Sneh Anand ( CBME - IITD ) CAS616.714 SHA-C
TH-2120Intracranial system response to volume perturbations: theoretical and experimental studies Balachandra, Satish 1993Sneh Anand ( CBME - IITD ) CBME612.824 BAL-I
TH-2530Technology of evanescent wave fibre optic immunosensor for serodiagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis Nidhi Nath 1997Sneh Anand ( CBME, IIT Delhi )CBME57.087.1:616.993.166 NAT-T
TH-4648Multimodal biomechanical foot assesment on aging obesity and diabetesPeriyasamy, R2014Sneh Anand (Prof.) -CBE, IITDMishra, Ashutosh (Asst. Prof.) -BEAS IIIT Allahabad, IITDCBMETH 616.748 PER-M
TH-4823 Performance analysis of biogas production and utilization under different parametersAgrahari, Ravi Prakash2015Sodha, M S (Prof.) CESTiwari, G N (Prof.) CES662.76 AGA-P
TH-3209Performance evaluation of hybrid photovoltaic/thermal(PV/T) systemsTiwari, Arvind2005Sodha, M.S. (Centre for Energy Studies - IIT Delhi )Chandra, A. ( Centre for Energy Studies - IIT Delhi )CES620.91:621.383.5 TIW-P.
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